Since August, we have been meeting in person every fortnight, and this frequency remains popular. With fewer meetings, it is easier to find more speakers to talk on a broad range of topics interspersed with those seeking funding. 

Late in the year, we agreed to change the traditional fines session to share the costs. 

That will start in the new year. It’s great news for those poor souls targeted at every fine session!

And while we are on the money, the transition to a cloud-based financial package has been very successful. Again, this is due to our Treasurer’s diligence and skill in setting it up.  

All in all, it was a year that delivered many more positive outcomes than negatives and as all Presidents are, I am relieved to emerge relatively unscathed! 

I have so many people to thank and will do so as groups rather than acknowledge the long list individually.

First, and dare I say, most significantly for a President the support of their Board is extremely important so a big thank you to my fellow Board members who never let me down!

They have worked alongside me, voicing calm and thoughtful opinions as we made improvements to Hall’s administration. The camaraderie, skillset and efficiency I experienced from this year’s Board made it a delight to chair. Thank you all for your work this year.

My thanks to the committee chairs who kept the projects running, funded and, with the help of their team, identified new worthy causes to support. A job well done!  

It will be remiss of me not to single out John Kenworthy, who is stepping down from the Directorship of the CRFM after 4 years. Thank you for doing a first-class job, John. 

It has become a time-consuming, complex role and is not for the faint-hearted! Many thanks to Yvonne for taking on the role for the next two years. To all of Hall’s members for doing what you do so well, rising to the occasion when called, making our community and the world a better place for all. Thank you for demonstrating what it means to put Service Above Self, to Engage Rotary and Change lives.

Thanks to Craig and his team here at Gold Creek Station. We have enjoyed coming here each fortnight to where we can socially-distance in a Covid-safe environment. 

This year’s accomplishments aren’t the work of one; it’s all of us. So, thank you one and all.

About membership

In the last year, the Club gained seven members with the addition of five new Rotarians and two transfers, taking our total membership to 32, plus six honorary members. 

A Few Project Examples


Early in the Rotary year, we joined other Rotarians and contributed funds to the reconstruction of a neonatal hospital severely damaged in the terrible explosion in Lebanon in August. I am sure you all remember the horrific footage.

Although out of our Zone, we could not go past the callout to help the heroic medical staff who saved many babies during the tragedy.

gallipoli-scholar Michael
Club member Vic Gibbons interviews Gallipoli scholar, Mitchell Agnew at the club meeting one evening.

Gallipoli Scholarship Fund

This year we committed to funding a 3-year bursary with the Gallipoli Scholarship Fund

The Fund offers scholarships to direct descendants of servicemen and women in their first year of tertiary study. 

We are directing our bursary funding to studies relating to rural pursuits. Most of our funds are raised by our Farmers Markets.

Although a suitable ‘rural’ candidate was not found this year, we were nonetheless impressed by our first scholar at his visit earlier this month. 


Yanco students
Six students from Yanco Agricultural High School visited the club to say ‘thank you’.

During the year, we were delighted to meet a group of students from Yanco Agricultural High School, where we are funding six scholarships. 

I am sure those who were there will agree they were exemplary young people, and we are keen to visit them for their Gala Day next March. 

Capital Region Farmers Market

Despite the turbulence of Covid changes, I am pleased to say the Capital Region Farmers Market provided an opportunity for our 125 stallholders to continue trading and receive an income.

Many at the CRFM experienced one of their best years as we assume shoppers came intending to stock up rather than window-shop. 

The CRFM Committee and staff’s hard work ensured the markets kept functioning despite the extra compliance costs and multiple pivots announced by the various Health bodies. 

The additional assistance at the markets by friends and family was greatly appreciated.

World Bee Day

It is gratifying to report that the market’s largest event, World Bee Day, held on 22 May, attracted an estimated crowd of 8,000 people and is going from strength to strength. 

The relationships established with embassies and peak ‘Bee’ bodies by some in the Club are fundamental reasons for the event’s growth and success.

Best of wishes to Chris and the new team for next year! The baton is yours!

Vicki Coleman 
President 2020-2021