donation to Cranleigh school

Our Community Service team are responsible for evaluating requests for funding from qualified applicants

Our Community Service Committee are responsible for liaison with the local community and community groups. Through the committee, the club consider applications for support from members of our community.

We define our community as being the Hall – Murrumbateman area and the regions from which the stallholders who attend our Capital Region Farmers’ Market come from.

Wherever possible, we will seek to partner with a Rotary Club close to the location of the individual or organisation we intend to support.

Where possible, we will first seek solutions that will empower those to whom we offer support.

In addition to our annual budget for community service projects, in 2014 the club’s Community Committee initiated a donation of $50,000 toward the ongoing cost of providing  Snowy Hydro SouthCare aero-medical and Rescue Helicopter services to people in the ACT and South-Eastern NSW.

Since the service was founded the Rescue Helicopter has completed over 5500 missions and each time it costs thousands of dollars to fund for fuel and crew.

For more on the club’s Community work, see the Community Category.