Over three months and endless Zoom meetings later, it was with excitement and a sense of anticipation that we emerged from our homes and ventured out to Gold Creek Station for Changeover. With Covid-19 restrictions still in place, it was only club members and partners who attended (except for one small and exceptionally well-behaved grandchild!)

Greeting our Rotary family again without the screen blur and technology hiccups that invariably go with online meetings, we were able to relax and enjoy real-live interactions, albeit with social distancing and lots of table space.

President Fiona reported on what started as another successful year with our 30th Anniversary celebrations in October, but took twists and turns we could never see coming, firstly with the horrendous loss of our valued friend and club member Bill Watson in November.

She told a story of boiling water and how it affects different things in different ways, making potatoes soft, but eggs hard and when you add coffee beans, it changes completely.

President Fiona hands over the reigns to 20-21 President Vicki

As the tragedy of the drought continued, catastrophic bushfires took hold, and it seemed that the entire country was alight over the summer. 16 CRFM stallholders were directly impacted by the fires and Canberra was shrouded in smoke for many weeks. Then there were the hailstorms and floods.

We can be proud to say the Rotary Club of Hall members are truly ‘People of Action’ – with a bucket collection from our market customers, a significant donation from our reserves, and additional assistance from club members, we were able to provide significant and timely support to those in our community who desperately needed it.

Just when we thought all the disasters were over and we could focus on recovery, a WORLDWIDE PANDEMIC hit us. Thanks to the mighty work from the Farmers Market Committee and many volunteer click-counters, we have been able to keep the market open and operating safely every weekend. Our farmers have kept their livelihoods and our community has continued to get essential fresh food.

That’s the boiling water, but what did we become? We continued, we made a difference. Our major projects progressed even through the pandemic. We’ve changed lives with our university scholarships at Charles Sturt University and Rotary youth programs. We’ve funded local and international community projects and supported the Hall Honeys to make Hall the first “Bee Friendly Community”. We’re made of quality stuff, whether it’s potatoes, eggs or coffee. 

IPP Fiona then handed over the Presidential bling to 2020-21 President Vicki who describes herself as a relatively simple soul who likes to solve problems, not create new ones; learn from history, but not be anchored by it; a doer, not a philosopher; a changemaker. 

The new 2020-2021 Board (less two!)

President Vicki says of the Rotary Club of Hall: 

“A fantastic mix of people with the ability and skills to make great things happen here at home and across the world. 

We have many members who continue to be active and go the extra mile to deliver projects which benefit our community. You are treasured.

We have members who go even further, taking on tasks separate from this Club, such as those at District or national levels. You are an inspiration.

All our members personify ‘Service above self’… And from experience, I know you will all pitch in if asked.”

Congratulations President Vicki and the 2020-21 Board. We wish you well as you lead the club through the challenges of living with a pandemic and on to a strong and vibrant future.

…While Individuals can encourage, inspire, and lead others, it is only by working together that the ‘cogs in the wheel of Rotary’ move forward and accomplish incredible goals.”