At our weekly club meeting held in the Hall General Store this week, we were joined by a dozen members of the Rotaract Club of University of Canberra and a few other District 9710 dignitaries. Many in the club were bemused by the number of visitors and wondered at the reason for the gathering.

After dinner, it all became clear with the presentation of the Rotaract Australia Partners in Service Award to Rotary Club of Hall’s Youth and Vocational Director, Janine Linklater.

joint dinner 1‘Roteract Australia announced their national award winners last October but it has taken a while for us to be able to arrange for this presentation to be made tonight,’ said District Roteract representative Rebbecca Bamford.

‘Janine Linklater has a lifelong passion for youth development. She was an integral support in the formation of the Rotaract Club of the University of Canberra (RCUC), chartering in 2013. She has continued to regularly attend their meetings, offering the club strategic advice when required. She has mastered the delicate balance that some Rotarians find difficult to achieve – being present and supportive without being controlling and overly hands-on.’ Stated Rebbecca.

The following is a short excerpt from the RCUC’s 1000 word nomination of Janine for this award:

‘To integrate RCUC into their sponsor club, Janine initiated a scheme whereby two RCUC Rotaractors attend Rotary Club of Hall meetings once a month, with a different two Rotaractors each time. This ensures that there are networking opportunities for both sides created, and levels of sharing and mutual trust established.

She has offered individuals within RCUC plus other Rotaractors around the district her heart-felt and level-headed guidance when it is called upon. She has been described as a “mentor”, “coach” and “close friend” by Rotaractors contacted about this nomination. She has been a steady sounding-board for many an idea, a source of enthusiasm and even at times a source of food and accommodation to Rotaractors in need! This has been well beyond her ‘official’ role, proving she will always go the extra mile to assist Rotaractors and Rotaract to prosper.’

Congratulations Janine.