On World Bee Day, the Capital Region Farmers Market was buzzing with activity. Thousands of visitors enjoyed the celebrations, that included music and activities related to bees and honey.

Children had a blast making their own bee-themed badges and tasting fresh bread with honey and apple. The annual event raises awareness about the importance of bees and pollination in our fragile ecosystem. It was a great opportunity for people to learn more about bees and their role in our environment, while also having fun!

Rotarians putting honey on bread

All morning, Rotarians buttered fresh bread topped with honey and apple slices for patrons.

The club began focusing on the plight of bees and pollinating insects many years ago. For most club members, this focus kicked off in November 2015 when the club held its first honey themed dinner in celebration of the club’s 26th birthday.

The Rotary Club of Hall has supported the World Bee Day initiative every year since its foundation in 2017. In 2018, we held the first World Bee Day at our Capital Region Farmers Market

children making badges

Children coloured bee related images and made badges to wear.

Our second World Bee Day at the market took place in 2019. This was a terrific success, helping to create a public awareness of the potentially life-threatening challenges we will all face if we don’t look after our pollinating insects.

By 2021, patrons of the market had begun looking forward to World Bee Day.

In the village of Hall, the club gave out two flowering native plants to homeowners to attract the native bee population. Many in the village began keeping bees in a growing movement, making Hall Australia’s first ‘bee friendly village.’

Volunteers continue to plant new garden beds with bees and other pollinators top of mind.