Brian Goldstraw

Brian Goldstraw

In May this year the Rotary Club of Hall’s Brian Goldstraw joined a team of volunteers from the Rotary Club of Winston Hills to undertake a couple of projects on the island of Espiritu Santo in Vanuatu.

The first project involved building a ramp to provide wheelchair access into a handicapped school classroom in Luganville.

In undertaking the project they worked with 3 teenage boys teaching them basic carpentry skills.  By the time they had completed the job.  The boys had learned what was required and were working virtually unassisted.

The second project involved installing a ceiling in a classroom in a school at Hog Harbour, 50 kms along the coast from Luganville.

Installing a ceilingInstallation of the ceiling significantly improved conditions in the classroom providing insulation against the hot tropical sun and providing soundproofing against the noise of heavy tropical rains on the tin roof.  Again the Rotary volunteers worked with men from Hog Harbour teaching them carpentry skills.

The Club is planning to undertake another similar overseas project in the near future.