foodbankFoodbank is a national organization which receives donated food that is non-saleable due to faulty labelling, incorrect weight, oversupply etc., but is otherwise still useable.

This surplus food is donated by manufacturers and retail outlets to agencies registered with Foodbank.

There are 20 Agencies in the ACT, six of which receive chilled or frozen food.

One of the distribution agencies is called Tuckerbox and is run by the Holy Cross Church in Hackett. Hall Rotarian Michael Brown was aware of the need for space to store non perishable foods at the church and proposed that the Hall Rotary Club purchase a sea container for this purpose.

foodbank container

The container jointly funded by the Rotary Club of Hall and the Rotary Club of Canberra being filled with non-perishable foods for the first time.

Unfortunately the club had spent most of the annual community budget, however we were able to offer to pay for half of the cost and our offer triggered the Rotary Club of Canberra to fund the other half.

The container was installed and went into use in June 2012.