Election Day 2 July 2016 was a busy one for the Rotary Club of Hall.

As usual we held our Capital Region Farmers Market at EPIC all morning and while this was happening, another team was working the BBQ at Fraser Primary School. And work they did!

We started the BBQ at 7:30am and closed up at 2pm. Many of the club members were on the roster to keep the hoards fed.

Barbara and Suzanne

Thanks to everyone who chipped in.

The line to vote was about 100metres long for most of the day and never seemed to get any shorter. So, there were a lot of people salivating in line as the smell of sausages, onions and eggs and bacon filled the air.

The crew sold 100 egg and bacon rolls and 700 sausage sandwiches, raising over $3,000 for Fraser Primary School. The money will go toward helping enhance educational experiences for the children.

President Paul hit the ground running on the first Saturday of his new Rotary year by spending the morning working at the Farmers Market and then relocating to help with the BBQ.

Well done team – a good Saturday morning effort all round.


the line to vote

The line of people waiting to vote was a constant feature of the day