In May, Hall Rotarian Brian Goldstraw joined a team of seven volunteers to install a solar power system and low voltage computers at Hog Harbour Junior Secondary School in Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu.


“The Team” with Hog Harbour School IT Teacher

The team comprised Rotarians and NSW TAFE information technology (IT) teachers and students. Taking a team of both Rotarians and TAFE IT experts is a very good mix to install the equipment and provide training in IT.

Following the installation, the three TAFE IT experts spent 12 days training the teachers at Hog Harbour school in the use and care of the computers and in the operation the solar equipment. The team provided training in the operation of Windows 7 and Office 2010 to people who had never used a computer before.

Port Resolution School

Class using Computers at Port Resolution School

Some team members provided follow up visits to three other schools where the solar systems had previously been installed. Two visited the remote island of Vanua Lava and another two visited Port Resolution school on the island of Tanna, that had been badly damaged by the recent cyclone Pam in March. They undertook technical checks on the solar system and updated software to some of the computers. At the Port Resolution School it was necessary make minor repairs to the solar system following the cyclone.