Every Rotary club is unique, based on its membership, location and the interests of club members. Each has its local customs and traditions, quite aside from those recommended by Rotary internationally.

The Rotary Club of Hall is a fairly relaxed club. We have a lot of fun and we do a tremendous amount for the good of the community.

As anyone who has visited our club will attest to, we run a homely operation. Our club room is adorned with banners from Rotary clubs around the world and across the country.

Swapping banners is a Rotary tradition that dates back over a century. Many clubs no longer participate in this, mainly because they don’t have anywhere to display their collection of banners. In our case, we do. Although, we do also have quite a few banners that haven’t yet been hung!

A club banner is a simple item that can be swapped as a gift, a reminder of a visit and a friendship between people or between clubs.

Rotary Youth Exchange students often bring a banner from their host club in their home country and this is swapped for one of ours. This year, the club has the pleasure of hosting Monami Sasaki from Nagoya, Japan.

Pictured above, Monami swaps banners with President Janine on behalf of her sponsor club, the Rotary Club of Ena.