“I just wanted to once again thank you for your sponsorship support assisting me in funding my trip to Atlanta and the Rotaract Preconvention. In short: amazing, fantastic, phenomenal!” stated UC Rotaractor Andrew Anthony.

“Not only was I able to meet new Rotaractors and Rotarians from around the world, but I was able to rekindle friendships and connections with Rotaractors that I have not seen in many years (such as my beautiful friend Maggie whom I had the pleasure of meeting at International RYLA in 2014). These are the friendships and connections which truly make me feel the warmth of the global Rotary network.


Rotary International President 2017-18 from Australia, Ian Reseley

I enjoyed hearing from RI President John F Germ and of course incoming RI President Ian Riseley.

One key lesson I took from the event was how to step into the ‘next level’ of leadership. The session discussed how leadership continues once a person finishes in their role, as they continue to mentor their successors. This is extremely pertinent to my current situation as I support Edie (RCUC President 2017-18) to lead our University of Canberra Rotaract Club to continue amazing work in the community.

Yes, I have thought of myself as a leader, but only now do I see myself as a mentor; someone who can assist others to find their strengths and qualities to continue bringing connection, service and assistance to our community. I am excited to begin stepping into this mentoring role now that I have returned.

Other highlights include some amazing tips surrounding outstanding sustainable projects which I will definitely be taking back to our club. It was also an opportunity for me to identify areas I still would like to develop, such as conflict resolution skills.”

I look forward to seeing you all soon.