The Rotary Club of Hall has been a regular supporter of Nancy Tingey’s Painting with Parkinsons Program for over eight years and now her efforts have come together in a new book.

Nancy Tingey with book
Nancy Tingey with new book.

The book Magic Happens to be launched at Muse on 16 February 2019 describes an extraordinary journey by Canberra artist Nancy Tingey OAM over 20 years in which a recreational art class developed into a specialist program that enabled people with Parkinson’s to produce artworks of startling originality and emotional intensity.

Nancy’s husband, then a resident of Hall, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s at the age of 46 and Nancy, an artist, discovered that painting could help sufferers as the activity stimulates and challenges participants. Nancy’s husband continued painting until his death aged 77.

One of the strengths of people with Parkinson’s is their almost obsessive ability to stick at something once they get started.

‘It is wonderful to watch people who find everyday activities challenging paint with freedom and fluidity, totally engrossed in the process. They may no longer be able to sign their names, but they can express themselves in paint,’ stated Nancy.

Well done Nancy.

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