Along with Greening Australia, the Rotary Club of Gungahlin and the Rotary Club of Hall took part in setting up a Bush Tucker garden at Holy Spirit Primary school in Nicholls. A group of students planted chocolate lilies (yum), lomandra and some other edible plants under a group of existing eucalypts that surrounded a firepit.

kids planting

Kids enjoying getting their hands dirty

Aaron Chatfield, from Greening Australia, gave a presentation on several bush tucker plants. He explained how they grow and how they can be used in cooking. He also shared some pre-prepared bush tucker with the students before all the students got their hands dirty doing a bit of planting. The weather was perfect for such an activity.

In addition to contributing to the cost, the Rotary Club of Hall provided rocks to attaching a plaque explaining the origin of the garden.

The project a great visual improvement as well as an educational tool for the school.