“I just wanted to advise that a group of 16 REACH for Nepal volunteers have just returned from the Tanahun District and contributed to the completion of the remaining work funded by the Rotary Club of Hall at the Barahi School,” advised Lou Nulley of REACH for Nepal.

children at barahi school

Apart from the earthquake-resistant classrooms that were completed in June, the Rotary Club of Hall also funded the renovations of the Amenities block, the installation of a water tank and washbasins, and a water filtration system.  

“This now completes the work at the school. In total, the Rotary Club of Hall has funded the build of three classrooms, plus the work mentioned above.” 

toilet block nepal

“REACH for Nepal are all experienced an overwhelming sense of gratitude from people in the village and many of the volunteers were genuinely moved about the whole situation,” said Lou Nulley.

kids at Barahi school

The headmistress confided in one volunteer said that she has been at the school for 15 years, and three years ago she was at the point of leaving because the classrooms were unsafe and leaking water during the monsoon season. Everyone in the village was depressed and despite much effort in trying to get funding from the government and other sources, nothing was coming. 

Since then, people in the village are delighted with the classrooms and other work done at the school. She said, ‘REACH for Nepal were like angels who came from above and saved them!’

“All this would not have been possible if it wasn’t for the funding provided by Rotary Club of Hall.”

“Hopefully, the Rotary Club of Hall will be able to visit the school in the not too distant future,” concluded Lou.


toilet block nepal
kids in classroom