A recent letter to the editor of the Canberra Times asked of government and charities, ‘Why isn’t the money flowing?’ (to bushfire victims).

Not all charitable organisations are the same

The Hall Rotary Club moved quickly to ensure there was a clear strategy on dispersing funds to those who need them before collection began.

Hall Rotarian collecting for the bushfire appeal
Hall Rotarian collecting for the bushfire appeal

The club held bucket collections over three Saturdays from early January when generous shoppers at the club’s Capital Region Farmers Market donated $18,637.

The club dispersed these donations within 48 hours of the collection each Saturday. The club also donated an additional $50,000 to the $18,637 made by visitors to the market.

‘We reacted quickly by speaking to affected stallholders and visiting some properties to determine highest need’

President Fiona Hamer reminded us that, ‘The road to recovery will be long, and this is just the first step.’