Emma Bell

Emma Bell reported on her trip to Brazil

The club welcomed Emma Bell back from her trip to Brazil where she attended Rotoract Pre-Con and the Rotary International Convention in Sao Paulo and then toured the country to catch up with friends that she had met when on her Rotary Youth Exchange to New York in 2011.

Emma was thrilled by the experience and was so glad that she went to the time and expense of attending. She stated that one of the things that stood out for her is the tremendous variety of activities and work Rotary and Rotoractors around the world are doing. On reflection, she said that it almost feels like we are living in a bubble in our district, cut off from the rest of the Rotoract world.

She was ‘blown away’ by the entertainment at the Rotary Convention, stating that it was like a mini Carnivàle.

rotoract homeless street stall

Emma helping with a Rotaract project in Brazil. A street store providing clothes for the homeless

After the Rotary Convention, Emma told us of some of her travels around Brazil staying with friends she had met whilst on Youth Exchange and attending their Rotoract meetings.

Emma concluded by announcing her move to Townsville next week and she went on to thank the Rotary Club of Hall for all the opportunities and support the club had given her over the years.

One of her first tasks, once they find a home in Townsville, will be to join a local Rotary Club and give back to the community.

We wish you all the best and hope to see you again Emma. Safe travels.