Hall Bushrangers

Hall Bushrangers enjoy pizza and a beer after a hard morning’s work helping the Rotary Club of Hall.
Every year the Rotary Club of Hall has to set up sheep pens for the Canberra Show, otherwise it can’t run its fundraising farmers’ market at EPIC. This year the Hall Bushrangers Rugby Club volunteered to lend a hand, (helping to save many a grateful old man’s back!) Thank you.

The Rotary Club of Hall started the Capital Region Farmers’ Market as a community project to support agri-business in the region, to provide somewhere we could all go to get fresh seasonal produce and simultaneously enable the Club to raise funds to support community projects.

Since the Club’s first market in 2004, their genuine farmers’ market has now grown to over 200 registered stallholders with an average of around 100 stallholders attending weekly.

‘The main thing that sets the Capital Region Farmers’ Market apart from alternatives, is the Hall Club’s strict policing of stallholders to ensure the authenticity of both stallholders and their produce,’ says Hall Rotary’s Market Director Bill Watson.

‘We do everything we can to ensure that everything is ‘two day fresh’, and you won’t get that from your supermarket.’

The funds generated from the market by the volunteers from the Rotary Club of Hall are used to support worthwhile community projects around the district and in our regional communities.