The St Vincent de Paul Night Patrol provides a mobile outreach service offering refreshments and friendly support to people on the streets at various hours of the night.

It is a service which engages with people by offering friendship, support, and compassion. 150 volunteers work on the service providing warm drinks, something to eat, clothing and friendly conversation to homeless around the Canberra area

chris and adrienne

Getting ready to bed down for the night on the lawn outside the National Gallery

The Rotary Club of Hall provides $5,000 per year for maintenance and fuel to keep the Night Patrol on the road.

Hall Rotarians Adrienne and Chris slept out for the night at the St Vinnies CEO Sleepout this week to help raise more funding to help Vinnies provide valuable services to the homeless.

The Canberra CEO Sleepout was both cold and wet. It started raining at 2:25am and continued into the day.

“By 4:15am the cardboard that I’d been using to keep me dry had started to deteriorate to the point of mush, so I declaired that 4:15am was morning so I should get up.” said Chris.

Vinnies night patrol soup kitchen

The Vinnies Night Patrol at work with soup and bread

Adrienne and Chris got to experience the Vinnies Night Patrol services first hand as the vehicle was used to provide soup to all of the Sleepout participants.

Canberra CEO Sleepout raised close to $450,000.