Last year the Rotary Club of Hall became involved with the work the ‘REACH for Nepal Foundation’ which had been established in the wake of the devastating earthquakes in 2015.

The foundation’s name ‘REACH’ is an acronym for the objectives of the organisation:

  • Rebuild –Supporting construction efforts in villages affected by earthquake damage and villages requiring basic facilities
  • Assist – Stimulating the local economy with employment and training opportunities.
  • Children/Communities – Improving the livelihood of children and remote communities (giving)
  • Hope – Giving hope to those that have lost loved ones, homes and jobs.

Shree Shivashakti Basic School

The Shree Shivashakti Basic School. A project funded by the Rotary Club of Hall with proceeds from the Capital Region Farmers Market

The Shree Shivashakti Basic School Project

The foundation organised the construction of two classrooms at the Shree Shivashakti school to be built with local labour. The project commenced in November 2017 and was completed in late December 2017.

Hall Rotary signThe teachers and local villagers are very grateful for the donation from the Hall Rotary Club in partnership with REACH for Nepal (RFN) and made this lovely hand painted plaque, that has been affixed to the building.

The total cost of the project was A$6,100. The Rotary Club of Hall contributing $5,000 and the foundation $1,100.

So little for us in Australia, but life changing to the local villagers in this part of Nepal.

Would you like to get involved too?

The foundation works closely with Nepalese locals to identify and then help to rebuild schools and villages. Since the foundation was established in September 2015, they have already completed 10 major projects including rebuilding of 8 classrooms, an amenities block and a fence around a school. As well as provision of school furniture, uniforms and school bags plus the construction of a water tank that lies only 35 kms from the earthquakes epi-center.

The REACH for Nepal Foundation runs ‘on the smell of an oily rag’, having extremely minimal overheads due to enormous volunteer component in everything they do. There are plenty of opportunities to join volunteers both here in Australia as well as helping with projects in Nepal.