Bulletin No 13/17-18 (2-10-2017)

Hi reader,

Welcome to the First Monthly Bulletin

Last weeks Club Assembly was a casual affair with no voting taking place however a number of changes were decided upon.

It was agreed to change the Bulletin from a weekly to a monthly newsletter. Instead, Directors and club members are asked to send the webmaster stories and photos which will be put on the website when they are sent in. Then at the start of each month, the Bulletin Editor will create an email containing links to the articles - just in case anyone missed them. The webmaster stated that if these stories come in, the Bulletin could be automated and simply scripted to gather up stories published in the last month and send them as a Bulletin.

Avid readers of the Bulletin will note that this was the original intention of the electronic Bulletin, however we have never had enough stories to do it. (See Issue 1 in the Bulletin archive  8 July 2015) If you open Issue 2 of the Bulletin you will see that we did just this with two articles. 

Don't worry though, you won't miss out on any information because President Yvonne will send an email update on the weeks when there is no Bulletin and everyone will be copied in.    


In other changes, we will no longer have some of the toasts at the start of each meeting. Instead the President will make a broad welcome toast of their choice.

Sergeant's Fine Session

The Sergeant's session will be replaced by a gold coin donation and members may choose to tell the club their Happy/Sad/Informative fine if they so choose. We are all aware that it has been difficult to find a permanent Sergeant and it can be embarrassing and uncomfortable for visitors. 

National Anthem 

In future, the National Anthem will be sung at major club events such as Changeover.

I think that pretty much sums it up!

See you soon – ED

Paul seemed to have a great time and no one wanted to leave!


Market Roster

The Capital Region Farmers Market Roster.

Check the roster on the club calendar.


Club Service

Reminder to check out The Club Calendar upcoming events are on the calendar.

NB: Your timely RSVP by 6:00pm Sunday is appreciated.



Last week was club assembly, so no invited guests. However, very little gets anyone out of doing their 5 minute talk. Last week Greg Cutbush delivered a fascinating talk about a few important life insights and aspects of his time with the club. 


Important Links

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Club Management Plan (to be a link to 'members only' content)
Strategic Plan (to be a link to 'members only' content)
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Don't forget the four way test

• Is it the truth

• Is it fair to all concerned?

• Will it build goodwill and better friendships?

• Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

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