Bulletin No 5/15-16 (5 August 2015)

Hi reader,

No speaker last Tuesday.

Have a great week - ED

Market Roster

8 August 2015 - Roger, John, Ralph, Vic
15 August - Ruth, Suzanne, Roger, Vic


No articles on the website this week so I thought I'd tell you what I'm up to. On Sunday I'm commemorating my 45th City2Surf run by trying to raise funds for 45 charities.

To date the main reciepients are Rotary Health, Steve Waugh Foundation and Breast Cancer Research.

Anyone interested in reading a blurb can find it here.

Weekly Reports

President: Graeme

Pres. Graeme welcomed our guests, potential new member Fiona, our exchange student Gerardas and James Coffey (who came to eat Janine's dinner - as she was unable to attend.) and ex Hall Rotarian Lee Corrigan. (Who pointed out that the contact details on the website are out of date... when she called the attendance officer her own mobile rang - for which I copped a fine later in the evening!)

Key messages from Graeme were:

• I will have the opportunity to meet up with David Hazelhurst tomorrow to discuss views from the Hall community on possible development options for the Hall township, notably the school precinct.

• Whilst in Darwin, I had the opportunity to check in on the seven laptops being stored there ahead of transit to East Timor for the Bairo Pite medical centre. I have also received advice that our medical supplies should be available later in the week.

• Snowy Hydro have invited our club to a thank you function for benefactors. The Chief of the Australian Defence Force will be in attendance. The date of the function is 13 Aug.

• The Club has received the monthly letter from DG Monica - the key messages are that the District has a new Insurance Officer, PP Alan Russell of RC of Batemans Bay. Alan can be contacted on 4471 2898 (H), mobile 0437 478 684, or at alanrussell@live.com.au and that the National Rotary Success Conference is to take place in Canberra on 5 and 6 September. We are all encouraged to attend; registration is available on the District website now.

• I am keen to receive feedback from the Club on the conduct of Joint meetings with other clubs (a potential topic for Club Assembly).

• A reminder that the Club Assembly will be held next week (one day after the Board Meeting). Keen to get suggestions of possible topics ahead of the meeting - or it can be a open discussion night? A possible source of discussion could be the Club Pulse Survey which Tony Tucker will be sending out this week.

Secretary/President Elect: Cynthia

After the President's report Cynthia was left with nothing left to say. - que laughter!

Treasurer: Liz

Also had nothing to report, save a reminder about dues (come on guys this is getting tedious - ED)

Club Service: Vicki

Vicki said she had been contacted by Anton from Jerra with a proposal for a joint BBQ/Picnic day on 20th Jan 2016 - for our feedback.

International: Yvonne

Yvonne - absent.

Community: John

John attended the MULCH program during the week and reported that the

Youth & Vocational: Janine

In the absence Janine, Chris and Paul reported:

• A dinner was held at Chris & Janine's place last Saturday for all of Gerardas' host parents.

• RYLA meeting was held on Sunday and all is going well. Possible change of dates by one day which means that our traditional Rotary meeting at RYLA meeting may fall on a Wednesday.

• Reminder about the upcoming RCUC changeover. Finger food will be provided and drinks will be available for purchase at the bar. Tickets are $30 and are available from http://www.trybooking.com/146855.

Gerardas report that he had been to school - cheering - and he had started swimming at the gym.

CRFM: Clive B

Clive reported that:

• All going as expected for this time of year.

• Discussion is currently underway about doing a twilight market on Wednesday 23rd December. Nothing confirmed as yet.


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