Bulletin No 11/17-18 (18-9-2017)

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Enjoy another newsletter from President Yvonne. 

Last week Liz's five minute talk was presented as a double act with Keith acting as the interviewer. This week we should hear from Peter.


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From the desk of President Yvonne:


a.    SURVEY

On Sat 9 Sept  Paul, Vicki and I met to summarise the suggestions that resulted from the recent survey on our members preferences for the structure of to see our meetings.  The summary will be presented to the Board at the deferred Board meeting on 18 Sept.


On Monday 10 Sept Vicki, Barb and I had a teleconference  to formulate a draft Strategic Plan for the period 2017-2022.This will be presented to the Board on 18 Sept.


Vic has been hard at work reviewing our Constitution.


RI President Ian Risley requested Rotarians around the world to Make A Difference by each planting a tree this Rotary year. Accordingly DG Steve Hill presented our club with two gum tree seedlings that I am warned can grow to 30 feet tall. I have discussed these saplings with secretary of the Village of Hall and District Progress Association (VHDPA) and arranged for the saplings to replace trees around the Hall Pavilion.   We are discussing a tree planting proposal for our club to plant the remaining 24 requested by RI President Ian in a few months. It will obviously be a great opportunity for perspiring club members to be photographed getting down and dirty in the Village.


Our meeting on 19 Sept should be a bubbling affair.  I am informed that up to 11 members of the UC Rotaract will be joining us.  President Edie Koorey-Crook and VP Andrew Giumelli  will give a talk about what their club has been up to.


CIT Scholarship and CIT Monthly Cooking Demonstration

On Friday 8 Sept the CIT Head of Culinary Tony Mudge and Ivonne Nathan met with RC of Hall. the aim was to discuss the CIT Scholarship program, to review the MOU between the CIT and RC of Hall and to discuss the monthly cooking demonstrations. In Davids absence Bernie, Paul and I represented the Youth and vocational Committee and, in Johns absence Vicki represented the CRFM. The outcomes include  a draft updated MOU, a proposal to increase the existing scholarships and to suggestions to improve the advertising of the cooking demonstration by the CIT.  It was a very energised and  productive meeting so watch this space with bated breath as proposals are advanced to the Board this Monday 18 Sept.


We received a letter of thanks for assisting RC of Tumbarumba by sponsoring  Jaxon to  attend RYPEN.  According to the Treasurer of Tumbarumba the second applicant who our club had agreed to sponsor pulled out.  I understand that there are 36  participants heading down to MOGO for the weekend  for RYPEN and several excited adults heading to the coast to party whilst their protegees learn about the Program of Enrichment.  Winners all!

- Yvonne


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Combined meeting with UC Rotaract


Andrew Gianelli from Rotaract



club assembly





Michael Sidonio

Economic and Community development

Michael discovered a galaxy



Julie Chater, U3A lecturer on Climate Change and Energy, gave the club a talk on the current status of climate change issues. Question time was lively, thanks in the most part to Greg's input. 


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