Bulletin No 10/17-18 (12-9-2017)

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Many things were discussed at Institute and Janine is scheduled to report to the club on some of these in coming weeks. One of the things that was made clear is that Hall is a very traditional club.

As I write this I can't help recalling some of the discussions about club websites and the frequency of club bulletins. Some clubs do a bulletin monthly, some fortnightly and some don't do a Bulletin at all.

Anyway, today's new format Bulletin is courtesy of President Yvonne (with pix by Barbara).

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From the desk of President Yvonne:

Wow! Our Rotary room was almost at capacity. Thanks to Dennis and Bill Pearson for re-configuring the room for the 32 attendees. Were the crowds there to hear DG Steve Hill and AG Leo Farrelly and/or to provide a warm welcome back to Martina and her cousin Rebecca? We had our prospective new members Steve and Melissa Reynolds together with a number of our members partners. The heaters were hardly needed due to the warm welcomes.

DG Steve spoke about the issues relating to declining membership and explained that the proposed District merger was a direct result of widespread declining membership. He informed us about plans for celebrating 90 years of Rotary in Canberra. The celebrations will cover the period from 01 February until 01 December 2018. Dates for diaries are the 23 Feb for the launch of the Rotary Peace Bell and the ROMAC 30th Anniversary Ball on 19 May.

Martina brought her cousin Rebecca from Switzerland to holiday in Oz and they are doing a fine job of it! Cairns, Magnetic Is, Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra to name a few places. Although our Rotary meeting was possibly not as exciting as holidaying on Magnetic Is both girls seemed to enjoy the jolly company and convivial atmosphere. Martina gave a quick 3 minute talk about her time in the two years since being our youth exchange student. I think the highlight has been her gap year!

Working With G5 Clubs

Much to AG Leo Farrellys pleasure I reminded the meeting that we are building closer relations with the other members of the G5. The G5 clubs are Gungahlin, Aurora Gungahlin, Ginninderra, Yass and of course Hall. We are working together with the Rotary Health project of Lift the Lid by being rostered to collect money at Bunnings Gungahlin to raise funds for Mental Health. Our roster is between 1.00pm and 4.00pm on Sunday 8 Oct. We are also supporting Gungahlin with their RAWCS project in Dili for Early Childhood Learning. We earned good points for all these joint activities from Leo but especially for our planned joint meeting on 31 October at the Wandering Goose in Hall to hear Noel Landry speak about SummerNats and Floriade!

Board Work Following Survey

Board members are working on the Survey outcomes to develop proposals for the Board and the Assembly to consider. Work is also being undertaken on the Strategic Plan and will proceed if necessary, on the Constitution and the Management Plan depending in the outcome of the former considerations. A particular thanks to Paul, Vicki, Barbara and Bill Watson for all your work as we plough through these matters.


On Friday 8 Sept Paul, Bernie, Vicki and I met with the Head of the CIT Culinary School Tony Mudge and Ivonne Nathan to review the MOU between CIT and RC of Hall and to discuss possible ways of continuous improvement to the monthly cooking displays at the market, scholarships and publicity. All attendees provided positive input and have gone away to discuss ideas with their respective stakeholders. Only ideas at this early stage.

- Yvonne


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