Bulletin No 2/17-18 (16-7-2017)

Hi reader,

Last week was Club Assembly. Sorry but I'm still behind with some of the archival updates on the club website.

NOTE: To Directors - Could you please remember to email your weekly reports to the editor in time for the Bulletin. (By Saturday would be good)

We did receive an nice letter from Amanda Fintan of Cure Brain Cancer:

Dear all of the wonderful people at Rotary Club of Hall!
Thank you again for inviting Sarah and I to your 2017 Change Over dinner.  We both really enjoyed ourselves as it was a pleasure to meet so many wonderful people.  The fact that we walked away with a $50,000 donation for Cure Brain Cancer Foundation, was an extra added bonus, that we are incredibly grateful for. 
I’ve personally now also made a visit to the Capital Region Farmers Market..  what an incredible set up with amazing stalls.  It’s a great way to support our farmers and keep them going too, so well done. 
I’m forwarding on our digital national newsletter, The Crane. It goes out to over 60,000 people Australia wide. Can you please pass this onto all of your members.  There is a little bit in there about your wonderful donation
Thank you again.  I look forward to seeing you soon, with an update about all of the wonderful progress we are making at Cure Brain Cancer.  This progress is not possible without the  generosity of organisations, and people, such as yourselves.
Kind regards,
Amanda Fintan

See you on Tuesday - ED


Market Roster

The Capital Region Farmers Market Roster is on the Club Calendar.

Please view the roster on the club calendar or you may choose to subscribe to the calendar and have the club events appear in your own calendar on your phone, tablet and computer. (Recommended)


Weekly Reports

From the desk of President Yvonne:

President Yvonne informed the Assembly of outcomes from the previous night’s Board Meeting:

• Proposed hands-on project to assist Canberra Seniors Centre.

• Proposed merger of Districts 9700 and 9710, as provided in DG Steve Hill’s email sent by Secretary Vicki.  Club members votes are required to vote on the amalgamation by 13 August by sending an email to Pres. Yvonne and Sec. Vicki.

• Pres. Yvonne sought thoughts from the members on a proposed restructure of the Board as circulated in Club Assembly Minutes.

• Pres. Yvonne referred to a Rotary Down Under article about reviewing meeting formats in order to attract new members.  She asked for thoughts and suggestions on revamping our meetings.


Club Service

Reminder to check out The Club Calendar all upcoming event information should be here!

NB: Your timely RSVP by 6:00pm Sunday is appreciated. Responses after this time cause all organisers logistical difficulties and as such you may be unable to attend.


Community Service

Stay tuned for further update on the Orange project.


International Service

Nothing to report



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Rotary Club of Hall
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CRFM Report

Our new Market Manager Karen has started and so far so good. John requests that all club members make themselves known to her at the markets.

Last Week

There was no speaker at Assembly so perhaps you'd like to hear about this year's Rotary Theme.

RI President Ian Riseley's theme this year is 'Making a Difference'. He encourages all clubs to promote the good work that we do make a difference in the world. Ian believes that one of the reasons why Rotary Clubs aren't growing is because we haven't been good at promoting what we actually do.


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