Bulletin No 03/16-17 (22-7 2016)

Hi reader,

It has been a very busy few weeks. I didn't get an opportunity to put a Bulletin together last week but as there wasn't a meeting this week, consider this is a bumper fortnightly edition!

Our ties with Jerrabombera have gained significant strength in the last few weeks - from my perspective I've spent a lot more time with the Jerra group than I have with Hall. First at the ARHsport launch in Sydney last Friday and then as guest speaker at their club meeting last night.

Rotary Club of Hall is building on it's reputation as a club that punches above its weight with the launch of the new ARHsport Initiative in Sydney last week.

It's not what you know but who you know... Bruce Miller of Rotary Club of Jerrabombera was chosen as Australia's first ARHsport Champion.

District Govenor of 9710 Steve Hill performed his first official duty of the Rotary year by presenting Bruce with one of the new ARHsport running tops at the launch event last Friday hosted by the Rotary Club of Sydney Cove.

Hopefully we can catch up on Tuesday – ED


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Weekly Reports

Presidents Paul's Report

President Paul thanked the volunteers who helped clean up the Rotary Room at the Hall Primary School.

Thanks to Bill P and Brian G for clearing out the RAWCS stuff. Thanks also to Leo Farrelly and Fred Fawke who assisted on Saturday. Stay tuned for the next working bee.

First Board meeting last night - was a bit lengthy but we got through a lot of stuff:

Main business

• Finalise committee structures ASAP - I will send out a matrix to all members to indicate their preferences.

• A lot of discussion on a visioning exercise - discussed the possibility of an extended Tuesday meeting to get as many members as possible involved - we are developing the terms of reference and looking for an independent facilitator.

• In light of visioning exercise, the governance documents will be held in draft form till the completion of the exercise, as will the investment strategy review.

• Interim budgets have been allocated to Directors and these will be reviewed following the completion of the audit of the annual financial statements.

Club Service

Reminder to check out The Club Calendar all upcoming event information should be here!

NB: Your timely RSVP by 6:00pm Sunday is appreciated. Responses after this time cause all organisers logistical difficulties and as such you may be unable to attend.

Those who attended had a great time at Christmas in July - thanks to Jerra members for their active participation.

Lots of Mulled wine was consumed :-)


This Tuesday our meeting is in the club meeting room at Hall - astute readers of the Rotary Club of Hall website will note that on the contact page there is now a map for lost souls :-)


Membership fees are due.


No report.


Gerardas just made the last boarding call last Saturday and our new student Martta will arrive on Sunday.


Report from the previous week:


Yvonne said that the child Charlie from the Solomon Islands was being operated on for a life-threatening bowel disorder. Charlie is 22 months old. The surgeon is Professor Croaker and also in this photo is Charlie’s mother Mary. Hall Rotary gave ROMAC $2000 in June, so it’s good to see the funds being put to immediate use. Yvonne said later, “Operation over. Mary very happy.”


In the ongoing quest to find a new home for the wheelchairs, desks, walkers etc from the Hall Rotary room at the Hall School, we are working with Brian Goldstraw to get an extra container to store them in, plus they have been offered the use of the existing shed that the barbecue trailer is in. I believe he’s already bought the additional container and started storing a collection of school chairs and desks from Burgmann in it even before it’s moved to its new location. Many thanks to Dennis for the use of a trailer to transport all those items. They’ll be gone in about 5-6 weeks on their way to Vanuatu and then I think the container can be moved..

The items were moved to the Club Room at Hall School to the showgrounds shed before Saturday’s working bee.

• We are planning to putting down some gravel for the access between the container and the gate from the arena before storing items in the container as this is a potential problem for heavy vehicles when it is wet.  Brian is asking for assistance with this from Hall Rotary. We are still finalising the agreement to place the (filled) container at the Hall Showground in the near future.


Daniel Gilfillen was given $3800 towards his PhD research in South East Asia. He’s sent us what he calls a “short report” with photos.  He’s still in Hanoi until the end of the year and will make a fuller report when he returns.


Clive was in attendance at the last meeting and reported that numbers were down - typical of a combination of winter and school holidays.


This Tuesday we will have Graeme Kinraid talking about the Australian Rotary Health and Chris giving us an update on the ARHsport Initiative that was launched in Sydney last Friday.

The duo did this at RC Jerrabomberra last night (Thursday 21st July).


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