Bulletin No 02/16-17 (9-7 2016)

Hi reader,

And so we kick off another Rotary year. And we did so with a bang. Another successful market on Saturday as well as raising over $3,000 for Fraser Primary School. Our new President hit the ground running – participating in both activities (to be expected!).

My little contribution (apart from turning snags for a few hours) it to make our little corner of the internet international.

We are now the first club that I know of who has made their club website fully international.

We kick off the year with a club site that can be machine translated into many languages at the click of a button.

Why not start the year by checking it out? You'll see a Google Translate button on the top left of the site. Choose a language and the entire site will be translated 'on the fly' into that language.

Rotary being a global organisation, it seems a logical to me that visitors from around the world may be seeking information on our club. For example; friends and family of our exchange students that may not be overly familiar with English?

(Look closely at the pic below - the entire site translated into Arabic)

Happy for feedback on this.
See you all on Tuesday.

Best Wishes – ED


Market Roster

The Capital Region Farmers Market Roster is now in the Club Calendar.

Please view the roster on the club calendar or you may choose to subscribe to the calendar and have the club events appear in your own calendar on your phone, tablet and computer. (Recommended)


Weekly Reports

Presidents Paul's Report

President Paul kicked proceedings off for the year by thanking Vicki for her great work organising changeover dinner.
Thanks also to Dennis and the team for the work on Saturday at the Fraser Primary School BBQ.
Thanks to new board members and continuing members - see you next Monday night.
Paul attended first CRFM meeting for the year as ex-officio member and he reported that the first board meeting will be a discussion about:

•     New committee structures

•     Governance documents

•     Constitution

•     Investment Strategy

•     Visioning

Below: President Paul presents Gerardas with a club banner to take back to his sponsoring Rotary Club in Norway.

Club Service

Reminder to check out The Club Calendar all upcoming event information should be here!

NB: Your timely RSVP by 6:00pm Sunday is appreciated. Responses after this time cause all organisers logistical difficulties and as such you may be unable to attend.


Christmas in July Saturday 16th at the Hall Museum


Membership fees are due.


Thank you to everyone who helped with the Election Day BBQ at Fraser Primary School.

Rotary BBQ at Fraser Primary School

Another Successful BBQ

Election Day 2 July 2016 was a busy one for the Rotary Club of Hall. As usual we held our Capital Region Farmers Market at EPIC all morning and while this was happening, another team was working the BBQ at Fraser Primary School. And work they did! We started the BBQ at 7:30am and closed up at 2pm. Many of …

Read more.


NYSF student has been interviewed and our incoming youth exchange student Martta will arrive on 24 July.


Still waiting for the International report.


Peter's report was much the same as the previous week. It was another successful market.


Gerardas Thanks The Club

It's been a fabulous year for our Youth Exchange Student Gerardas who did an excellent presentation on his year in Australia.

His presentation was so good that Cutty was lost for words and found himself unable to say anything other than. 'That that was an excellent presentation".

Below: Club Counselor Vic presents Gerardas with a farewell gift from the club.


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Strategic Plan (to be a link to 'members only' content)
Funding Guidelines (to be a link to 'members only' content)

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