Bulletin No 42/15-16 (9-6 2016)

Hi reader,

It has been an interesting Rotary week and there is an aura in the air – that certain sense of relaxation and trepidation as Changeover approaches.

Many club members are involved in community activities within and outside of Rotary and this week Barbara gave us a glimpse into another of her projects - to which we are all invited - and Denis gave a great update on the Harden trip last weekend.

Anyway, enjoy the Bulletin and I'll see you again on Tuesday – ED

NB: I've added our past and incoming Youth Exchange students to our Bulletin email list as past students may like to see what we are up to and incoming (Martta) may like to get the Bulletin so she has a bit of a clue as to who we are and what our club does.


Mayoress Ball in Wagga – 23 July – Come One Come All

This will be really special fun night of dancing and entertainment based on a fabulous fifties theme and featuring the Kapooka Army Band.

The event is to raise money for a Hospice in Wagga – as currently there isn't one. Ongoing funding has been secured but not the capital cost and $5 million that is needed. The good news... so far $1.5 million has already been raised and (Barbara says, 'We are hoping to secure dollar for dollar funding from the government, but this can't be confirmed until after the election). 

If any Rotarians can come, that is great - every little bit helps.

You can book your tickets at http://www.trybooking.com/LPQQ

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Presidents John's Report

President John welcomed us all.

Club Service

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No Finance report this week.


Denis provided a report on the trip to Harden. (Read the article on the website)

bill the bastard Murrumburrah

A Great Night In Murrumburrah

Rotary is like a global family, and one thing we all enjoy is the camaraderie that comes from spending time with like minded people. In 2010 the Rotary Club of Hall built and donated a film trailer to the Rotary Club of West Wyalong, and every year we get together for a social catch up with our friends in the …

Read more.


Janine gave us an impromptu update on our Youth Exchange students. She has been in touch with Martta, our incoming student from Finland. More on this as it comes to hand.


Nothing to report.


Peter provided a very brief update. Lots of rain last week so numbers were a little down but the people who came, came to spend money... So the stallholders were happy.


(Should there be a prize for the best caption for this photo?)

Homelessness in Canberra

This week our guest speaker was Peter Hughes of Rotary Club of Canberra (the oldest Rotary Club in the ACT - chartered 1928).

Peter told us a bit about his clubs history and mentioned a few of the projects that they are involved with. His particular focus was around homelessness in the Canberra and in particular the success of 'Our Place' a successful community supported program comprising of an integrated range of services such as education and accommodation specially tailored to help young people break the cycle of homelessness.

In 2008 the ACT Government and the Rotary Club of Canberra met to discuss concerns for the growing numbers of homeless people in Canberra. They canvassed the idea of developing an ACT Community supported holistic program, focused on breaking the cycle of no home, no education and no job prospects. This was for a cohort of young people prepared to commit to actively participate in a program to realise their potential and move forward to being independent and successful in life.

The ACT Government advised the Rotary Club that its draft for a proposed program, was similar to the existing proven successful UK Foyer Model programs which the Government had been researching. In turn the Rotary Club investigated Foyer and funded a visit to Canberra from the UK, of the two leaders of the Foyer Federation. Whilst in Canberra they meet with the Australian Government Minister for Homelessness, the ACT Government and the Rotary Club.

Following further collaboration with the Rotary Club, the ACT Government with funding under the National Partnerships Agreement from the Australian Government, decided to allocate a portion of a proposed new public housing development in Braddon to a Foyer like Program. Initially known as the Youth Integrated Education and Accommodation Program this was then put out to tender. The contract to operate the program was won by the partnership of Barnardos and Anglicare ACT.

The Program commenced in June 2011 and with input from the first group of young people the name of the program changed to “Our Place – live, learn, achieve’.

A Governance Committee comprising representatives of the ACT Government, the Rotary Club of Canberra and Barnardos and Anglicare guided the program through the establishment phase.

In May 2014 the Our Place Advisory Group was formed with representatives from Barnardos, Anglicare and the Rotary Club of Canberra, with responsibilities including “Raising the profile of Our Place and promoting the successes to all stakeholders including the wider ACT Community”.


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