Bulletin No 2/15-16 (14 July 2015)

Market Roster

18 July 2015 - Liz, Bernie, Chris, Vic
25 July 2015 - Janine, Cynthia, Tony T, Tony H

Feedback: New Bulletin Idea

Fellow Hall Rotarians,

I received positive feedback from a number of members for this new Bulletin format and only one suggestion, which was to include the plough in the header (done).

I know there are a few in the club who love statistics, so here are some stats on last weeks bulletin:

• 11 Club members read the Bulletin

• 15 Club members opened the Bulletin but did not engage with the content

• 8 Club members have yet to open last weeks Bulletin

• Of the District 9710 people that we are required to send the bulletin to; 3 have not yet opened it.

(And yes, we know who you are!)

Please send your thoughts and comments on the Bulletin or the website to webmaster@hallrotary.org.au

Latest articles...

Last week we added an article about Brian's trip to Vanuatu on the club website and put a link to it on the club Facebook page. In three days this it was seen by 1,162 people, got 45 ‘likes’ and 50 people clicked on the story on Facebook and read the following article on the club website. It is interesting to note that the majority of those people were over 55 and only 32.2% male

School in Espiritu Santo

Solar Powered Computers in Vanuatu

In May, Hall Rotarian Brian Goldstraw joined a team of seven volunteers to install a solar power system and low voltage computers at Hog Harbour Junior Secondary School in Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu. The team comprised Rotarians and NSW TAFE information technology (IT) teachers and students …

Read more.

martina bridge climb

Exchanging Exchange Students

Last Sunday, Janine and Chris took Martina to Sydney for the last time. They arrived in time to do the afternoon Bridge Climb on a day that looks better in the photos than it was. The wind was gusting to 56 kph at the top on a day that Sydneysiders thought was extremely cold (actually it was 14C). Martina had …

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Weekly Reports

President: Graeme

In the absence of President Graeme, Bernie reported the club as follows:

• Scoping exercise underway investigating homelessness. Bernie / Adrienne meeting with a

• Canberra Club and Minister to discuss. No decision made on project - preliminary only and project to be brought back to members when investigation completed.

• Committee Matrix. Yvonne has received 24 responses. Waiting on 3 members.

• Rotational Dinner Option. Call put out for volunteer coordinator. See Bernie

• Progressive Dinner to be started if/when a coordinator is found. See Bernie

A reminder to please update your details on MyRotary.org

Secretary/President Elect: Cynthia

Letter from Ogawago Rotary Club in Japan seeking support for their application for the Nobel Peace Prize (Constitution members)

Treasurer: Liz

Reminder that Dues are now Due. Half the membership fees have been paid.

Club Service: Vicki

Nothing to report

International: Yvonne

Yvonne was absent.

Community: John

Waiting for results of Committee matrix before decisions are made on project support.

Youth & Vocational: Janine

Janine sent a text from Sydney Airport at 7:20pm saying that Martina was checked in and ready for departure. (More on that below.)

CRFM: Clive B

In Clive's absense, Peter reported the following statistics:

• 1% variance up on income, 1% lower on stallholders (with some taking multiple sites)

• 80% utilization of sites.

Guest Speaker Last Week

The Editor was not at the meeting but received a report as follows:

The guest speakers were introduced by Vicki.

Speaker Phil Domaschenz and fellow Board member, Janet Hunt from Canberra based Nusa Tengarra Association (NTA) presented their project in East Indonesian Farming Communites to the members. Project requires $17K for the project over 2015-17 period. It was noted that there are Rotary Clubs in Canberra working on similar projects in other parts of the country and Rotary Club of Hall offered to connect NTA to them.  Website:  http://www.nta.org.au/

Phil holds a degree focused on natural resource management. He was employed for 30 years within Government at local and national levels and worked in areas focused on the management of urban landscapes, forests, national parks and fisheries. His employment has covered Indonesian natural resource issues for 15 years and he was seconded to Indonesia for a year as Programme Management Specialist for a national coral reef management programme.



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• Is it fair to all concerned?

• Will it build goodwill and better friendships?

• Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

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