Bulletin No 38/15-16 (19-5 2016)

Hi reader,

We had a good turn out at the club rooms at Hall on Tuesday evening, including visiting Rotarian Brian Goldstraw – and what a blast from the past it was too – (I think I counted RAWCS mentioned at least 10 times throughout the evening!)

See you next week - ED

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Weekly Reports

Presidents John's Report

President John was under the weather due to a visit to the dentist so Bill Pearson ran the meeting.

Club Service

Reminder to check out The Club Calendar all upcoming event information is here.

NB: Your timely RSVP by 6:00pm Sunday is appreciated. Responses after this time cause all organisers logistical difficulties and as such you may be unable to attend.


No Finance report this week.


No Y&V report this week.


No report was give however visiting Rotarian Brian Goldstraw gave a talk about the medical and educational equipment that is stored in our Rotary room pending on forwarding to RC clubs in third world countries.

Hall RC generally agreed that we would undertake any minor maintenance on the equipment in preparedness for on forwarding. Discussions were also held over the maintenance needed on the rotary room itself.

Many attendees had a short viewing of the peace garden outside the rotary room.


Clive was absent but forwarded the following report for the Bulletin:

Mid-year (winter) Census:

• Result - 6,869 patrons counted – an increase of 123 patrons or 3% since last winter’s count – it seems our TV advertising campaign is working;

• Thank You – To our early morning Census counting team led by Pres John with Yvonne, Barbara, Roger, Fiona and Cynthia; and

• Weather – A cold (3C) and foggy morning delayed our usual public attendance demographic by one hour as Canberrans’ slept in – normal service was resumed by 9.30AM.

Tri-ennial WHS Review (7 May):

• Report - expected by the end of May; and

• Distribution - To be shared with landlord EPIC.

Discussions Around The Table

Club Members Discuss Various Challenges

Directed by Vicki, club members discussed everything from meetings and dinners to wheelchairs, crutches and decorating.

Club members reminisce over photos of past Hall RC projects and absent friends.

Barbara shared her vision for painting and decorating and many thanked her for volunteering to manage the project. Well done Barbara :-)

Upon discovering the banner for Saint Paul RC, incoming President Paul ponders on how he should be addressed next year - perhaps simply 'Your Eminence' will do...!


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