Bulletin No 34/15-16 (7 April 2016)

Hi reader,

Unfortunately I missed the meeting this week and as it was a Fellowship meeting I presume no reports were presented, hence I didn't receive any Directors reports to add to this edition.

Those who had a look at the redeveloped website last week may have noticed a new Calendar of events? If not, I suggest you have a look now.

We have been talking about adding features like a calendar for some years and here it finally is. 

This is a shared club calendar that those responsible for adding or changing event details will be able to input information in the club calendar from the calendar on their own device. For testing purposes, the events you see on the calendar for April were added using different devices including a phone, iPad and two laptops.

There are many benefits in doing things this way:

• One of the benefits in presenting calendar information it this way is that there is only one version of the information and it can be maintained by the person responsible for that calendar item

• All information can be found quickly at hand... (literally if it is on everyone's phone calendar)

• You will see I have added Board meetings as a recurring event. I suggest that all meetings and events should be added to the club calendar in this way as this indicates to members and the public just how much is happening in and around the club. Other events the club is involved in such as a 'BBQ at Fraser Primary' 'SouthCare Open Day' etc., should also be added. We have often been reminded that the CRFM meetings are open to all members, subsequently it makes sense that these too should be added, along with Compliance Farm Visits - I'm not suggesting listing the properties being inspected, just the days inspections are carried out. This reminds stallholders that we take compliance seriously and clearly shows the public that we operate with integrity in their best interests.

• Listing all club activities on the calendar helps to provide transparency and shows members and the public just how much is going on that they may wish to be involved with.

• The calendar will become an archive of the club's activities, making it easy to glance back through the year and see what we have achieved.

• It helps to provide greater transparency across the club and the community.

• Another benefit is that the Bulletin Editor no longer needs to add upcoming events or market roster to the Bulletin... It is all about streamlining processes, improving convenience and eliminating duplication.

I have also added a link so that all club members may subscribe to the calendar and have all club events appear on their own computer/phone/tablet for quick reference.

To add the Rotary Club of Hall's Calendar to your device, simply click HERE and follow the instructions. It will open your calendar and ask you to either add this calendar information to an existing calendar or to create a new calendar. I suggest you create a new calendar - that way you can turn the Rotary Club of Hall Calendar on and off.

Note that by subscribing to the calendar, members will be able to read current club information on their own phones and computers within a few minutes of an item being added or altered. (Depends on users choice of calendar update settings.)

Please feel free to reply to me with comments or suggestions or concerns.

Unfortunately Janine and I will both be in Melbourne next week, so enjoy the club assembly and I'll see everyone on the 19th at Rotary Club of Ginninnderra. (as per Calendar listing - mouse over the event to see the detail popup).

Best wishes - Ed

Market Roster

The Capital Region Farmers Market Roster is now in the Club Calendar.

You can now view the roster on the club calendar or you may choose to subscribe to the calendar and have the club events appear in your own calendar on your phone, tablet and computer.


Weekly Reports

Presidents John's Report

No report supplied

Club Service

• The Club Calendar is now live and all upcoming event information is accessible here.


Janine was absent


No report supplied


No report supplied


No speaker as the last meeting was a Fellowship evening.


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