Bulletin No 1/15-16 (8 July 2015)


Testing: New Bulletin Idea

Fellow Hall Rotarians,

This is a test of a new format for the weekly Bulletin. Please provide your feedback.

The idea is that each week, Directors (with something to report) will email the Bulletin Editor with their report, or an article for the club website, and any photos on MONDAY prior to each Tuesday meeting.

Where appropriate, the Editor will add content to our website and may in future have the capacity to set content as either 'private' (for club members only) or 'public' (for the live website).

The Editor will then add an article about the speaker or other events of the evening to the Bulletin - on or before Wednesday evening - and the email newsletter will be sent out on either Wednesday or Thursday following our weekly meeting.

Any stories for release to the public are encouraged (Brian!) to be submitted by club members.

Please send your thoughts and comments on this idea to webmaster@hallrotary.org.au


Market Roster

11 July 2015 - Brian, David, Bernie and Liz (covering Kings), Vic
18 July 2015 - Liz, Bernie, Chris, Vic
25 July 2015 - Janine, Cynthia, Tony T, Tony H

Our Guest Speaker

Farewell Martina

Farewell Martina

After a delicious dinner, we were all treated to a wonderfully entertaining talk by our bubbly Youth Exchange Student, Martina Baumeler. Martina arrived in Australia on 25th July 2014 and will sadly leave us next Tuesday 14th when Chris and Janine will put her on a plane in Sydney for the trip back to Switzerland. Martina's stay with the Rotary …

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President: Graeme

In the absence of President Graeme at the first meeting of the year (noted!), Bernie updated the club as follows:

Clive B in hospital, Suzanne soon to be released from hospital, Ralph and others suffering from 'man flu'.

First board meeting was held (at the George Harcourt Inn) at which a lot was discussed. The board will be looking at the structure of committees and members will be asked for their preferences to work on different committees.

It is proposed that rotational dinners be reintroduced and will be asked if we'd like to register our interest in progressive dinners. Bernie asked if someone would like to volunteer to organise these?

New members Keith and Ali are now full members. Welcome.

A reminder to please update your details on MyRotary.org

Secretary/President Elect: Cynthia

Cynthia reminded us that Rotary Wine Appreciation event is on this weekend - (Vic proposed that every Tuesday is wine appreciation)

Treasurer: Liz

Reminder that Dues are now Due.

Club Service: Vicki

The speaker calendar is filling up quickly but could Rotarians please provide speaker suggestions for the coming year? We'd particularly like more interesting speakers that aren't just after funding.

Please send suggestions to Vicki.

International: Yvonne

First meeting of the year and 'nothing to report'

Community: John

Attended Hall Progress Association meeting. They are looking at ways of funding expenses of school site, such as a rental or use fee on the buildings. It is believed fees are necessary in order to pay for things such as security, water and power. There may be a rental on the cottage for meetings.

Youth & Vocational: Janine

Roger and Janine interviewed potential students for NYSF and have proposed three candidates forward for decision. Of the 46 applicants in the district, there are only 15 places available.

Also the board have supported funding for Chloie Eggins of Dickson College to attend the school Japanese trip.

CRFM: Clive B

In Clive's absence, the report was delivered by Peter who in an effort to emulate Clive's statistical bent by informing us that it was -5.5C last Saturday.


Something You May Have Missed...

Vicki, Brian and Yvonne packing donated clothes and toys for delivery to Vanuatu following a recent cyclone.

Changing Lives With Obsolete Items

Under the guidance of long-time Hall Rotarian, Brian Goldstraw, the Rotary Club of Hall has been collecting medical and …

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Important Links

2015-16 Board of Directors (to be a link to content on our site)
Club Management Plan (to be a link to 'members only' content)
Strategic Plan (to be a link to 'members only' content)
Funding Guidelines (to be a link to 'members only' content)


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