Bulletin No 28/15-16 (10 Februray 2016)

Hi reader,

After this weeks special general meeting and club assembly it feels as though the year is getting traction.

I'll be winging my way across the ditch as you all sit down for fellowship next Tuesday, but I look forward to catching up with you all again in March.

Best Wishes - Ed

Inspired by Chinese New Year, Keith made the international toast to the Rotary Club of Shanghai (District 0052)

Avid readers of the Bulletin may recall an article of May 2010 about a Group Study Exchange team led by Anton Pemmer (then of Rotary Club of Canberra) in which the GSE team visited both Rotary clubs in China (Shanghai and Beijing).

Those wanting to know more can read the groups trip blog here

Market Roster

13/02/2016  Janine LChris E Peter O
20/02/2016  Yvonne RVic G Tony H
27/02/2016  CanberraShow  

Weekly Reports

President John's Report

President John welcomed all to the Club Assembly, noting we had an attendance of 27 from our active membership list of 29 Rotarians!

He announced that Adrienne had expressed a wish to continue with the Club and as such had withdrawn her notice of resignation.  He also advised that Chris Edwards had accepted an invitation to become an Ambassador of Australian Rotary Health and would be very active in promoting that organisation’s objectives.  He will continue as our Club Bulletin Editor, but may miss a few regular meetings in coming year.

The key issues discussed at the previous night’s Board meeting were summarized and in particular the agreement to analyse and prioritise the areas of member concerns as emerged in the Pulse Survey and Visioning exercise carried out by PP Graeme Finney and IPP Tony Tucker earlier in the year.  These topics will be considered and actioned one at a time to ensure positive outcomes.  The first, being Club meeting costs and format is to be addressed at tonight’s Club assembly.

Community Service: John

Nothing to report.

Club Service: Vicki

• 16 Feb - Speaker: Chloie Eggins talking about her experiences in Japan

• 20 Feb - Club-wide help with usual pre-Show Day set up / post-market clean up. Includes traffic redirection at front of Flemington Rd. Up to 3 people (paired for duty) 7am to 11:30am. Post market clean up to sweep/blow out sheds - 11:30am to 1pm. Blowers & brooms needed. Hall Bushrangers will do heavy lifting. No change to usual weekly CRFM roster requirements.

• 23 Feb - Fellowship Meeting (venue tbc).

• 1 March - Multi Club Meeting at Shaw's Winery in Murrumbateman. $45 per head for dinner and dessert with drinks extra. Partners welcome. RCH will be advised whether it will be going ahead by Yass Rotary as approx. 70 people across combined clubs needed to make it viable. Numbers needed by COB Wednesday 10 Feb. NB. There will be no meeting at Versatile if multi-club meeting proceeds.

• 8 March - Canberra Bridge Club - Bruce Crossman is coming to show us how to play Bridge. Partners are welcome

• 15 March - Club-Sponsored RYLArians visiting. Jessica & Brad, Dan & Chenyce. (Venue tbc)

Youth: Janine

• Gerardas attended Youth Exchange Rebounders weekend at Tuross Heads.

• There are a few projects for the Youth committee to consider - so more on those as we work through them.

News from James Coffey in Germany
"When I arrived I had a nice greeting from my host mum and dad. When I got to my new German home I unpacked my clothes and fell asleep for 14 hours.

The first day I was there we got my phone and other necessities sorted out. I started school on the second day - so I've been going to school for 3 weeks now and I'm in the same class as my host brother. I've also made lots of friends there and I'm enjoying it.

I've met a lot of the Exchange Students here and they have taken me around Hamburg. Next weekend I will be going on an orientation weekend in Flansburg. I had snow for the first week which I liked but now its been cold and wet but I'm getting used to it."

CRFM: Clive

• Stallholder Attendance: As predicted, our market is starting to return to its normal seasonal attendance with 101 stallholders attending last week.

• New draft 5-year EPIC contract (2016-2021): Suggested minor amendments (start/finish dates) accepted by EPIC – awaiting final draft before signature next Fri 12 Feb – extant contract expires 13 Feb 16 @ 2PM.

• Triennial WHS Survey: Quotation received for triennial WHS review of our market by David Segrott - previously completed in 2010 and 2013 – likely to commence in April – At cost (reduced) $1,000.

• Important! - Show Day preparation - Club-wide membership help needed for Sat 20 Feb from 12 to 1PM as we sweep out our sheds ready for our labour force (Hall Bushrangers FC) arrival by 1 PM to assist with the usual sheep pen assembly task – names to Clive B please - please bring your blowers.


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Don't forget the four way test

• Is it the truth

• Is it fair to all concerned?

• Will it build goodwill and better friendships?

• Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

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