Bulletin No 26/15-16 (22 January 2016)

Hi reader,

I believe most of us are back on deck (although I wasn't there on Tuesday!).

As usual, a lot has been happening behind the scenes. I have now moved the club website to a different hosting service,but not without a few teething problems which I hope to have all rectified by sometime in February.

The biggest benefits of of moving the site are much faster load speed (more than twice as fast) and greater security. For the technically minded, the sites static files (such as images) are now simultaneously stored on between 30 and 74 servers across the globe, this means that when content is called (by clicking on a link) the page and images load from the local server but the data comes from our database in Canberra. Effectively this means that no matter where our site visitors are the site should load for them at a similar speed that we see it load here.

Anyway, in the process of setting all this up I loss of the last newsletter which foolishly I hadn't backed up. Otherwise all seems to be working as before.

More website improvements will come when I have time to tweek it.

Hope to see you all soon - Ed

Here is a map of server locations our site files are on:

Market Roster

23/01/2016  Roger PKings S Peter O
30/01/2016  Bill WTony T Tony H
6/02/2016  Paul TKeith HDennis GClive B
13/02/2016  Janine LChris E Peter O


Farewell to District 9710 Outbounders

Last Saturday Janine and Chris took James to Sydney where they spent the day sailing on Sydney Harbour with Past President Graeme before James met up with all of our District 9710 students at Mascot.

(James is far left)



Weekly Reports

Presidents John's Report

President John advised the Club that it was necessary to fill the Board positions of vice-President and Community Service Director resulting from the departure of Past President Graeme Finney to Sydney. He advised the Board MAY fill the vacancies on the basis they are casual vacancies, but preferred it be a whole of Club decision. Those present were in general agreement with this approach.

Also, President-Elect Cynthia has advised she will be unable to take up that role in the coming year due to her current and future work commitments. President Nominee (for 2017 -18) has offered to bring his term forward by a year to fill this position if the Club members wish him to do so. There is also the issue of unfilled positions of vice-President and Chair of the Investment Committee to be finalised for the coming year. If the Club accepts Paul Tyrell’s offer then it will have to elect a replacement President Nominee. The position of incoming President needs to be decided as soon as possible to allow attendance at the upcoming PETS event on 20 and 21 February as this is a required prerequisite for that position.

In view of the above it is intended to hold a Special General Meeting on 9 February 2016 after the Club Assembly to address these items.

President John, in his role of Community Services Director announced that the Club was to donate a total of $4000.00 to be split between the Longreach and Lightning Ridge Clubs to assist their Drought Relief programmes.  He noted that the Longreach Club had an active programme based on trailer mounted movie shows that was used to help communities suffering from the drought!

Club Service: Vicki

• 26 Jan - NO meeting (Australia Day)

• 2 Feb - Club Assembly (Agenda items to Cynthia please)

• 9 Feb - Regular Meeting

• 16 Feb - Speaker: Chloie Eggins (Partners Night)

• 23 Feb - Regular Meeting

• 1 March - Multi-Club meeting at a Murrumbateman Winery (tbc). Organised by Yass Rotary.


David gave a report, noting that James Coffey is now in Germany and Gerardas is now with his next host family, Pauline (President Ginnindera RC) and husband Phil.

David represented the club at Melba Copeland Secondary School Awards Night and presented the RC Hall Community Service Award. The prize was an experience at the Canberra Zoo.

David then handed over to Paul who spoke about the RYLA week. He acknowledged all people who were involved.


Adrienne will be on 666 on Saturday morning - so tune in.

Two film crews will be in attendance this week, one from the Canberra Times preparing an article for See Canberra Magazine and the other crew are with Visit Canberra.

Other Happenings

Visit to Sydney

Your editor wasn't at Rotary on Tuesday night because he was attending a meeting at Sydney Rotary Club on the same day. (Let's call it a 'make up'.)

More to come...


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