Bulletin No 23/15-16 (8 December 2015)

Hi reader,

Considering that there was no Tuesday meeting due to our annual Scholarship and Awards night on Monday, there is a heck of a lot in this week's Bulletin (well most of it is on the website!)

I've put a new page up on the website about our scholarships and awards (those with more info to add to any of these pages may like to email me with any changes and I'll happily alter the blurb).

I've also added posts about the winners of each of our 2015 categories these are linked to the aforementioned new page.

I hope you enjoy this issue.

Kind Regards - Ed

Market Roster

12/12/15 Vic G Greg CPeter O
19/12/2015 Yvonne R David RTony H


Flicks Trailer Still Going Strong

In their December Newsletter, The Rotary Club of West Wyalong reported on the use of the Rotary Flicks Trailer as follows:

"Rotary Flicks have been very busy showing movies for the Bland Shire Council, Little Wattle’s Christmas Party, West Wyalong Movies and the Super Hero’s CanAssist Fundraiser. Everyone enjoyed the movies especially the old classic “Wonder Woman”, which brought back many memories for us oldies out there."

For new members of Hall, (or those not familiar with the project); the 'flicks' trailer is a mobile film projection/entertainment unit that the Rotary Club of Hall built and donated to the West Wyalong Roraty Club in May 2010.

RC Hall Pledges Another $50,000 Donation to SouthCare

Our shed transformed for the SouthCare fundraiser. See Adrienne's report below...

Apprentice Chef Award Winners 2015

Chef Apprentice Award Winners 2015

Find out something about each of the winners …

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A very surprised Rowan Hennessy receives a new Fixing Gun

Building Apprentice Awardees 2015

Find out something about each of our three winners of the Building Apprentice Awards …

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Rotary Club of Hall UC Scholarship winner Jessica Catlin is presented with a certificate by RC Hall Vice President Bernie Rogers

University of Canberra Scholarship Awardees 2015

Find out something about each of the scholarship awardees …

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Mick and Rosa Addinno receive the Vocational Award from Rotary Club of Hall's Tony Howard

Vocational Service Award 2015

Read about our Vocational Service Awardee …

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Weekly Reports

SouthCare Report: Adrienne

A quick update on the Snowy Hydro Southcare Ball - Another $50,000 donation from RCH

• Venue looked amazing – not bad for a tin shed full of spiders, cobwebs and dust.

• Several stallholders participated in the pre-dinner drinks/canapes area allowing guests to sample local produce, and others had contributed to the main menu items.

• As it was pointed out, this last year the chopper was tasked to a record 509 missions and the medical crew also conducted a further 91 road retrieval missions totaling 600 overall , representing a significant rise in demand and by the far the busiest year in its 18 years of operation.

• During the evening Chris Kimball acknowledged that not everyone like to participate in  auctions so there was an activity whereby you could pledge a donation by writing the amount and your name on a cloud and placing it on a central board.

• A cloud with our name and an amount of $50,000 had been pre-pared and Simon who was the event manager spoke to John K who in turn suggested he should speak to me and ask if we were happy to start the cloud donations with ours.

• Of course we were, John and I walked over and placed our cloud on the board, and as a long-time supporter and volunteer of the chopper I have to say it was a very special moment for me; thanks to the time and effort not only of myself but many others we were able to contribute in such a generous way, for the second time now to saving lives – you can’t put a dollar value on that!

• At the time I thought the offer from John to allow me to place the cloud was very thoughtful, however on reflection, the board was pretty tall and the cloud had to be placed at the top so it would have posed both a logistical and vertical problem for John……..proving  there’s a definite advantage for a girl in heels!!!


Club Service: Vicki

• SATURDAY 12 DECEMBER - CRFM volunteers: 6 helpers from 6.00-11.30am. Working in pairs to count customers arriving at the market via the usual 3 entrance avenues. Clive will be there from 5.30AM to coordinate. Please contact Clive asap to confirm your availability.

• SUNDAY 13 DECEMBER - Rotary Christmas Party at Allwood Historical cottage at 5pm. Vicki will send out details and RSVP will be needed by 4 December.

• TUESDAY 15 DECEMBER - Speaker: James Coffey's presentation (Youth Exchange to Germany).

• SATURDAY 19 DECEMBER - Stallholder's Christmas Party to be held from midday in the German Shepherd Club. Volunteers needed to help set up.


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