Bulletin No 19/15-16 (13 November 2015)

Hi reader,

We all had a very jovial evening on Wednesday. Please read the CRFM report at the bottom of this Bulletin. Helpers required.

Hope to see you again on Tuesday
(and don't forget the colour scheme is black and yellow) - Ed

Market Roster

Paul is redesigning the Roster to have two people on each Saturday with more on 'Kitchen days'.

This Saturday it is Janine, Fiona B and Clive B

21/11/2015  Tony T KeithPeter O
28/11/15  Bill P Rob DTony H
5/12/2015  Paul TVicki CJohn KClive B
12/12/15  Vic G Greg CPeter O
19/12/2015  Yvonne R David RTony H


2015 Remembrance Day.

The annual Hall Remembrance Day service went off like clockwork again. Special thanks to Dennis, Bill P, Ken, members of the Hall Collectors Club and others in the community for an excellent day.

As usual we had the traditional drinks at the pub and a very nice stonegrill at the Gumnut. Many thanks to our waiters.


Weekly Reports


There was no meeting and so no reports, however there was a Board meeting so no doubt there will be some discussion from that at next Tuesdays meeting.

Upcoming Events

17 November:  Club Birthday Celebration – 26th Birthday with a speaker, Mitch Pearce from Urban Honey. Its the Club's 26th birthday. Members are invited to wear/bring themed around bees - ie yellow & black and/or 26.  PARTNERS NIGHT.

• 24 November - AGM

• Monday 7 December Awards Night – Scholarships.  PARTNERS NIGHT

• TBC: Sunday 13 December:  HRC Christmas Party at Allwood cottage. Partner/s & family night.


Clive will be away next Tuesday and requests up to 6 helpers from 6.00-11.30AM on Sat 12 Dec 15 working in pairs to count customers arriving at the market via our usual 3 entrance avenues.
"The task is a simple yet regular (half-yearly) one, but the hours are compelling. I shall be there from 5.30AM to coordinate," stated Clive.
"The task is most important because it is the only tangible means of measuring the benefits of our current ($35k) TV advertising campaign." he said.


Important Links

2015-16 Board of Directors (to be a link to content on our site)
Club Management Plan (to be a link to 'members only' content)
Strategic Plan (to be a link to 'members only' content)
Funding Guidelines (to be a link to 'members only' content)

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• The latest CRFM Stallholder Newsletter

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Don't forget the four way test

• Is it the truth

• Is it fair to all concerned?

• Will it build goodwill and better friendships?

• Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

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