Bulletin No 18/15-16 (4 November 2015)

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Last Tuesday was Melbourne Cup Day, signifying the beginning of the silly season and true to form RCH have many events planned leading up to the end of the year, so keep an eye on your calendar!

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Market Roster

7/11/2015  Paul TKen SChris ETony H
14/11/15  Janine L Fiona BClive B
21/11/2015  Tony T KeithPeter O
28/11/15  Bill P Rob DTony H
5/12/2015  Paul TVicki CJohn KClive B
12/12/15  Vic G Greg CPeter O
19/12/2015  Yvonne R David RTony H


Gerardas Goes Hot Tubbing.

You guessed it, it is a slow news day...

Gerardas returned from the youth exchange weekend in Tumit reporting that he enjoyed swimming in the thermal pools which were 27C.

If you look past all the girls to the top right of the photo... That's him! (photo by John Britton)

See Yvonne's report for an explanation of this photo:


Weekly Reports

President: Graeme

President Graeme as absent and VP Bernie had nothing to report.

Secretary/President Elect: Cynthia

Cynthia was absent.

Treasurer: Liz

Liz had nothing to report

Club Service: Vicki

Vicki had a lot to say about coming events - Please note these in your diary:

• No Meeting at Versatile on Tuesday 10 November.

• Meeting for Rotary Remembrance Day Service at Hall on Wednesday 11 November.

• 17 November:  Club Birthday Celebration – 26th Birthday with a speaker, Mitch Pearce from Urban Honey. Its the Club's 26th birthday. Members are invited to wear/bring themed around bees - ie yellow & black and/or 26.  PARTNERS NIGHT.

• 24 November - AGM

• Monday 7 December Awards Night – Scholarships.  PARTNERS NIGHT

• TBC: Sunday 13 December:  HRC Christmas Party at Allwood cottage. Partner/s & family night.

• REMINDER:  Barbara's Nepal fundraiser this Saturday.

International: Yvonne

Yvonne reported that she had received a letter from Port Vila, Vanuatu, with a photo of Reedly who was keenly supporting the Wallabies last week.

Reedly Gershom (who visited our club with his mother Juliette earlier in the year) and their community have never forgotten the generosity of ROMAC and of the Hall and District people.

For those who are unaware of this project, under Rotary's ROMAC program, Reedly underwent a life-saving 8 hour operation in Feb 2014 followed by a second 5 hour operation in Mar 2015. The second operation occurred at the same time as the big cyclone hit Vanuatu.

Whilst Reedly was in hospital clothes. toys, shoes and money was donated by Hall Rotarians and Friends of Hall School Museum for the relief effort. When he came out of hospital Reedly and his mother helped sort and pack the donated goods for Vanuatu.

Community: John

John had nothing to report. 

Youth & Vocational: Janine

Janine reported she had attended two Rotoract of UC meetings. They have a number of projects in hand such as the Abundant Water project in Nepal, however things will come to a halt for a few months due to exams and the upcoming Christmas New Year semester break.

She also met with Melba Copland College and advised that the standard bank transfer to the school for the Flex program was happening. They had a discussion about RCH community service award and that the school agreed that a shield was appropriate along with an experience as being a good idea.

Additionally, discussions are underway with the school about starting an Interact Club.

CRFM: Clive B

Clive's update as follows:

• Another well attended and vibrant market last weekend reflected in the increasing and seasonally trending stallholder attendance with matching stall-site usage.

• Request for member help to assemble 10 x flat packed aluminum park benches being delivered to our EPIC market site sometime this week – will advise assembly team requirements upon delivery – power tool kits will be needed for assembly.

• CIT Cooking demo next weekend – rostered Rotarians to arrive by 7.30 AM please

• Diary entry - CRFM stallholder Xmas party from midday on Sat 19 Dec – your attendance at this function for our primary source of income is requested .


Last Tuesday's guest speaker was Rob Clode who spoke about the importance of image and in particular corporate image in communication for fundraising.

One of the things that many took note of was the idea that if you give a destitute person a cheap branded product (eg Black and Gold peas) they will feel valued as such. If you were to give the same person a recognised brand (eg Birdseye peas) they will feel more valued.


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