Bulletin No 16/15-16 (21 October 2015)

Hi reader,

Another busy week for the club. Lots of 'happenings' in part due to tomorrow being World Polio Day.

Happy reading - Ed

Market Roster

Ruth and Paul are on duty this week. The big news on the Market Roster front: Paul is redesigning the Roster to have two people on each Saturday with more on 'Kitchen days'.

Stay tuned for the brand spanking new roster.


World Polio Day October 24th.

Chris, Janine and Bernie represented the Rotary Club of Hall at the World Polio Day Breakfast at Parliament House this week. There were 15 members of parliament present and some excellent speakers.

Photo shows RI President Nominee 2017-18 Ian Riseley with our RCH team.

The powers that be have provided a series of Tweets and have asked everyone with a social media account to spread these messages:

99.9% of global polio has been eradicated—we’re closer than ever before! On World Polio Day, I support efforts to #endpolio for good.

The number of reported polio cases has decreased by 87% since 2014. We have less than 1% to go to #EndPolio for all children everywhere!

On World Polio Day, I commend Nigeria and the entire African continent for going a full year w/o a new case of wild poliovirus. #EndPolio

Effective vaccination efforts have decreased the # of global polio cases from 208 in 2014 to 44 this year. Now, we must commit to #EndPolio!

Polio Movie Night

Another fabulous evening at Dendy with Rotarians from all over Canberra at the Rotary Club of Canberra's Polio Fundraiser.

It was a great fellowship evening with a special showing of Bridge of Spies. Fantastic movie based on true events during the Cold War. Highly recommended.

Dendy supplied the facility and the food and wine was also provided by corporate sponsors so that all takings would go the the Rotary Club of Canberra's Polio donations.

Below: Some of the movie goers enjoying pre-movie food, wine and fellowship.


Cranleigh Art Show

The Rotary Club of Hall again was a part sponsor of the Cranleigh Art Show to raise funds for the school.

The event was a success yet again. A couple of our members attended the opening night.


Weekly Reports


In Pres. Graeme's absence, the evening was chaired by VP Bernie.

Bernie reminded the gathering that this weekend is District Conference. A number of our members expressed their disappointment at being unable to attend due to other commitments.

Some time ago, we were asked to help finance Rotoractors who wished to become Rotarians in Timor Leste. We proposed processes that have been now taken up by other supporting Rotary clubs to help get this project along and the DG in 9550 is now putting this in place.

VP Bernie took the opportunity to inform the club about current status of Polio eradication. This year there have been only 51 reported cases of Polio worldwide and all cases are in Pakistan and Afghanistan. (Bernie would later be fined for an unscheduled 5 minute talk.)


Cynthia had 'Nix to report'. And Liz followed with 'Nothing to report, except that the BAS will be paid this week'. (Which is actually something!).

Vicki said that next week is a fellowship week and then on the following Tuesday, (Melbourne Cup Day), we will have an interesting speaker. Vicki will send Chris a regular schedule of upcoming events to appear in the Bulletin each week.

Ruth reported for International, saying that Abundant Water are doing a crowd funding exercise to raise funds for Nepal. I offered to put a link to this in the bulletin and on the website. Janine added that she attended the Rotoract Club of UC meeting on Monday and Abundant Water was the guest speaker.

John K advised that the club that the CRFM had donated 5 Cookbooks and 2 x $50 market vouchers to be used as prizes at a trivia night to be run by staff of the Comm. Dept of Agriculture for the benefit of the Australasian Centre for Rural and Remote Mental Health.

Also, we will need some volunteers to assist with a sausage sizzle at Fraser Primary School on Thursday 3 December from 3.00 pm to 7.00 pm. Dennis distributed menus for the Remembrance Day ceremony on 11 November 2015.


Peter reported that he was only at the market for a short time and had no idea how it went.


Last Tuesday our own Bill W put on an informative slide show of his travels through the battlefields of France and Gallipoli.


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