Bulletin No 13/15-16 (30 September 2015)

Hi reader,

A short Bulletin this week as there was no guest speaker and few Directors on hand to give reports. 

Nonetheless; Enjoy - Ed

Market Roster

3/10/15  Paul TGreg CDennis GPeter O
10/10/2015  Yvonne RSuzanne CJohn HVic G
17/10/15  Liz RBernie RDavid RTony H


Chowing Down on Billy Watson's Bovine.

The club's Fellowship evening yesterday was an excellent example of 'paddock to plate' perfection.

So good was Billy Watson's bovine that regular fish eaters were seen to swap fish for beef. This practice set the tone of the evening and thus followed more than one 'cheese plate-er' coveting another's cheesecake.

Each melt-in-your-mouth t-bone was cooked to perfection and nicely accompanied by grandma's style baked veges.

I had the pleasure of dining with Bill and was moved to comment that the meal reminded me of my late father, who would order a t-bone whenever asked what he wanted to eat.

(This frequently confused the waitress at the Blayney Chinese in the 1970s.)


Another Successful BBQ.

This pic missed the cut last week (I didn't notice it in my emails - thanks Paul)

Pictured are the previous week's Saturday team lead by John and ably assisted by Vicki, Rob, Dennis, Bill P, Greg, Paul and Vic

Weekly Reports

President: Graeme

In President Graeme's absence, Bernie ran the meeting (as he will do next week as well).

Fiona H gave an International Toast to the Rotary Club or Lae (which avid readers of Rotary Down Under will know is in District 9600 which includes clubs in parts of Northern Aust.) Lae is the second biggest city in PNG.

Bernie announced that he is still looking at homelessness projects and reminded us that Chris Kimble will be our guest speaker next week.

With these official mentions over, it was on to fellowship.

Secretary/President Elect: Cynthia

We were informed that Cynthia was called away for work.

Treasurer: Liz

Liz had nothing to report.

Club Service: Vicki

Vicki was absent.

Coming events: (note: is subject to change)

• Tuesday 6 October: Speaker: Chris Kimball, Snowy Hydro Southcare.  Partners night

• Tuesday 13 October: Club Assembly

International: Yvonne

Yvonne was absent... Ruth reported that she'd met with Stuart Forsyth of Abundant Water. They are about to expand into Nepal and have a training workshop planned in Nepal soon.

The committee have approved a further donation of $5,000 for Abundant Water. We will hear more about other projects funded when the International Director returns.

Community: John

John had nothing to report. 

Youth & Vocational: Janine

Janine said that she and I had been to Parent Teacher evening last week (in fact just before our club meeting with Yass) and the teachers at the school reported that Gerardas was doing well at school.

Gerardas updated the club on his last two weeks 'activity'; which primarily appears to have involved sitting around with Pres. Graeme and family watching trashy movies on Netflicks! Plus a trip to Sydney last weekend to visit museums etc.

Of note, he announced that he has started to learn a new language; Finish, which is totally different to any other language he knows. Greg asked for a demo and Gerardas was forthcoming with a string of interesting vocalisations.

CRFM: Clive B

Clive was absent, but John K announced that things has gone very quickly last Saturday. The counters were all done and dusted by 8:30am.

Peter added that it was a good market but numbers were down. A lot of stallholders will be away next week for school holidays.


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