Bulletin No 10/15-16 (10 September 2015)

Hi reader,

Many thanks to Clive and John for getting your reports to the Bulletin Editor on time.

Happy reading - Ed

Market Roster

12 September - Bill, Tony T, Rob, Vic
19 September - Roger, Barbara, Kings, Tony H


Thanks for the help at CRFM last Saturday.

Another excellent market last Saturday with the monthly CIT cooking demo in full swing.

Clive expressed his thanks to the team for their timely set up and clean up.


At the end of last Tuesday's meeting, Prez Graeme proposed auctioning a dozen bottles of red wine. (It was never explained where these bottles came from... were they the 6 bottles of red that were presented to the club by Rotoract Club of UC a few months ago...?)

Anyway, this was all good fun and resulted in some competitive bidding. $$$ were raised that all contributed to the Sergeants booty.


Weekly Reports

President: Graeme

President Grahame was very happy to announce the members of the Investment Analysis Sub-committee.

"My thanks to Chris Edwards, Ken Spencer, Paul Tyrrell and Peter O'Cleary for making themselves available for this work. As discussed with the Club, I have also been keen to invite a member from external to the Club to sit on the sub-committee. In this we have been very fortunate to secure the services of our Assistant Governor, Graeme Kinraid to help us out; Graeme is an excellent Rotarian and I think he will provide valuable insights and knowledge. We also have a number of others who were nominated, who have indicated a willingness to provide supplementary support and advisory services as required. Again my thanks to all for your support."

Secretary/President Elect: Cynthia

Cynthia was absent.

Treasurer: Liz

Liz reported that all is well ... only one recalcitrant remains.

Club Service: Vicki

Vicki was absent.

Coming events: (note: is subject to change)

• Tuesday 15 September
Catch up with our sponsored trainee chefs: Keith Small and Cassie Barton.

• Tuesday 22 September
Monica Garrett & Yass Rotary Club to be held at the Murrumbateman Inn.

International: Yvonne

Yvonne said things are progressing well. She also produced a Certificate of Appreciation that has been received by the club in recognition of our support of Operation Cleft 'Gift of Smile for Life'. The club had donated $2,500. Yvonne reminded the club that we have dozens of certificates of appreciation in the club house. The certificate was handed to me (Bulletin Editor) with the suggestion that I work out some way of digitising these and putting them online.

Community: John

• John expressed thanks to Yvonne, Phil Robson, Dennis and Paul for their work in cooking bacon and buttering bread for 400 hungry dads at the Fraser primary School Fathers Day breakfast on Friday morning.

• The BBQ equipment was again put to work on Tuesday with a similar event at Hall Preschool, but with no need for any labour other than delivery.

• Bill Pearson was thanked (in his absence) for his 3 days of intensive IT work at the District Success Conference – he was much appreciated by all who were there.

• Dennis G provided an update on the maintenance and continued use of the Club’s two electric scooters which are both still being put to good use. On the question of the scooters, Dennis stated that, 'We are all over it.'

Youth & Vocational: Janine

Janine attended the District RYSF orientation function along with the student we are supporting. The function was hosted by R.C.Jerra, with funding from R.C.Hall. Our club was publicly acknowledged a number of times throughout the evening for its support.

Janine, Tony T and Yvonne attended District RYLA working meeting last weekend and progress is good.

Gerardas reported on his experience presenting at the Rotary Club of Yass. Of particular note; President Scott Bourke, presented Gerardas with a lapel pin he was given on his Rotary Youth Exchange to Finland a long, long time ago.

Gerardas also reported on the sailing skills of our President .... and the President quipped on Gerardas' skill vis-a-vis sleeping at the helm...

CRFM: Clive B

Clive reported:

• A post market stallholder Xmas party to be held from midday on Sat 19 Dec in the German Shepherd Club – proposed BBQ format to be organised/led by Club members on a voluntary project basis – up to 12 preparatory volunteers requested including a BBQ cooking team – names to Market Manager, Adrienne please ASAP.

• A special Xmas Twilight market to be held on Tue 22 Dec from 2-6 PM.

• EPIC contract negotiations are ongoing - to be concluded by NLT end Oct.


Our speaker was to be Past President Tony, however due to technical issues he was unable to present. This session will be rescheduled for another date.


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