Bulletin No 8/15-16 (26 August 2015)

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Market Roster

29 August 2015 - Janine, Fiona, Roger, Clive
3 September - Paul, Greg, Dennis, Peter


Youth Exchange Update

Inbounders and Outbounders had a great time getting to know the rules around their exchange and sought to address challenges and concerns at District 9710 International Youth Exchange weekend at Tuross Head.

Gerardas and James Coffey both attended as Inbound and Outbound students supported by Rotary Club of Hall.

Gerardas also had his first dip in the ocean during Winter... He reported back that it was cold (should anyone be thinking of taking a dip!)

What you missed at CRFM

This is what you missed at the CRFM last Saturday...

A group of pretty young girls wanted to shop at the market but had an 8 week old puppy called 'Jimmy' with them.

Jerra RCs Paul Rodgers rightly pings the girls because no dogs are allowed in the market... A sucker for a pretty face, Paul minds the pup while the girls go shopping...

What do you think about Jerra's level of service?

Weekly Reports

International Toast: Janine

As we had two speakers talking about projects in Africa, Janine proposed the International Toast to the Rotary Club of Arusha Arusha in District 9211.

The club's President Adolf Olomi is the Managing Director of Banana Investment Limited 'which makes the famous banana wine' (according to a local newspaper). The club is involved in many projects for the poor.

President: Graeme

Key items from President Graeme:

• Well done to Tony Tucker who received a 'blue disc' and Rotary pin for his efforts in sponsoring and mentoring new members within the Rotary Club of Hall. Tony joins Bernie who was awarded a similar award last week. Congratulations to you both and thank you for your efforts.

• Thank you to Gerardas for his gift of a Rotary national pin from Norway. My jacket is now starting to look a bit like his!!

• I am getting around to those who have been nominated for the analysis project to confirm their nominations - only a couple more to go. I am confident we will fill all the positions - if we have more nominees than positions, we will move to a vote. I am hopeful of coming back to the club in the next week with the confirmed nominees.

• The Bairo Pite project continues to develop; all the medical equipment has now arrived in Australia and the Board has agreed to pay the initial bill (with reimbursement from Oak Bay). A number of options are being developed to enable delivery into Timor Leste.

• It is great to see people reading the minutes of the monthly Board meetings. One question has been raised about projects being scoped by members of the Club; to confirm, the Board is supportive of any Club member who wishes to investigate worthwhile projects however we would ask that in scoping these projects, no expectation of commitment is made on behalf of the Club.

• I appreciate Vicki's efforts to schedule some time over the next couple of weeks to enable discussion of the Pulse survey (next week) and visioning (the following week). These activities will enable some meaningful feedback from the Club and position us for the future.

Secretary/President Elect: Cynthia

Cynthia absent.

Treasurer: Liz

Liz surprised us with nothing to report... except that two people still have to pay dues!

Club Service: Vicki

Vicki updated us on coming events: (note: is subject to change)

• Tuesday 1 September
Special Agenda:  Visioning Part I: Pulse survey discussion

• Tuesday 8 September

• Tuesday 15 September
Catch up with our sponsored trainee chefs: Keith Small and Cassie Barton.

• Tuesday 22 September
Monica Garrett & Yass Rotary Club
To be held at the Murrumbateman Inn.
Numbers will need to be confirmed by 11 September.  Details are being confirmed and will be provided at 1 Sept meeting.
RC members may choose to meet Gold Creek and car pool before traveling to Murrumbateman.

International: Yvonne

Yvonne reported that the International committee had a meeting at her place on Sunday and discussed all manner of projects. Ruth has supplied Yvonne with a funding assessment tool.

Additionally, Yvonne reported that a ROMAC baby that had a tumor had been looked after by Jerra and was about to go home next week.

Community: John

John was absent

Youth & Vocational: Janine

Janine reported that James Coffey and Gerardas went to the Youth Exchange weekend at Tuross Head and praised the District Youth Exchange committee for their exemplary work.

Gerardas then gave his update on his last three weeks in Aus. Namely a weekend with Bernie and Liz, a trip to Sydney with Chris and Janine and his last weekend at District Youth Exchange training at Tuross Head.

Next Friday he will move from Chris and Janine's place to live with the Finney family for three months.

CRFM: Clive B

Clive reported that despite the cold weather our seasonal stats are looking good.
Also this Friday a scoping meeting will take place to discuss 2nd renewal of EPIC contract.

2 Guest Speakers Last Week

kids at school

Update on Limapela School in Zambia

We had two presentations last night, one from Matthew and Alison Raymond of Limapela School in Zambia and Seb Cox was back again to give us an update on the East Meru Community School in Tanzania…

Read more.

seb sponsor child

Six Weeks in Tanzania

We had two presentations last night, one from Matthew and Alison Raymond of Limapela School in Zambia and Seb Cox was back again to give us an update on the East Meru Community School in Tanzania. In June and July, Seb Cox travelled to Tanzania for six weeks to volunteer at two charity schools; The School of St Jude and …

Read more.


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