Bulletin No 6/15-16 (12 August 2015)

Hi reader,

Last meeting was all business... Plenty of discussion and lots of reading and thinking to be done before our next get together.

A reminder to Directors and anyone else wanting to put something in the Bulletin: could you please email your reports to webmaster@hallrotary.org.au on or prior to the Tuesday meeting so that nothing is missed in the Wednesday Bulletin. If it doesn't come out on Wednesday I may need to consider changing the catch line to 'Cold off the Press' - (which doesn't have quite the same 'read me now' ring to it!)

Have a great week - ED

Market Roster

We didn't discuss the market roster but this is what was scheduled:

15 August - Ruth, Suzanne, Roger, Vic

Paul also requested for people to put their hands up for Excel training and Kitchen assembly practice. More will no doubt come out about that in coming weeks.


Ralph returned sporting a dashing new look and was promptly presented with a Paul Harris Fellow by Past President Tony.

Barbara also returned from her sojourn in Switzerland and environs. She was so excited to be back that she couldn't hold the Swiss chocolates still.

Barbara passed thanks on to the club from Martina's parents for hosting her and giving Martina an exceptional life experience down under.

(Chocolate was delicious.)

Weekly Reports

President: Graeme

Key Discussion Topics – RCH Club Assembly

1. Discussion went for approx. 3 hours over an important range of subjects:

a. CRFM. This was a ‘due out’ from the last Board meeting where I was to develop ‘guidelines to the membership of the CRFM committee’. In consultation with Clive (absent from last night’s Board meeting) and the Board, the following considerations have been made:

(1) The Board recognizes that there is a ‘Business Arm’ of the CRFM. To be appointed to this business arm requires appropriate training and experience.
(2) It will be important to put a succession plan in place to maintain the long term viability of the Business Arm.
(3) The Board (and the CRFM) welcomes further engagement and interaction by Club members with the CRFM in order to support training, experience and succession planning in order to broaden the CRFM gene pool. Those wishing to be involved (and we have two additional members from the committee survey) will have the opportunity to support the Director of the CRFM on a project by project basis ahead of potential placement in the Business Arm in the next FY. If we have more volunteers than places on the Committee, then my suggestion is that the members of the Club put appointments to a vote. I am happy to put these arrangements forward as a By-law to the Board and the Club.
(4) Finally, the Board had a good discussion regarding conflict of interests. It was agreed that, whether in the CRFM or any other element of Rotary, any member who is affected by a conflict of interest, whether real or perceived, should absent themselves from decision making specifically related to that conflict of interest.
(5) As a comment, and this came out of discussion last night, I and the Board, would in particular like to thank the current members of the CRFM Business Arm for their service. As you may be aware, for many months, we did not have a volunteer to lead or organize the CRFM in this current Rotary year. Clive, Peter, Tony, Vic and Paul (ably assisted by Adrienne) are doing a cracking job! They deserve our thanks and our support.

b. Employee v. Contractor. The board confirmed advice from Tony, based on an inquiry from a club member, that Adrienne’s status is as a Contractor, not an Employee. It is anticipated that some further arrangements will be put in place to better strengthen her status as a contractor.

c. Resignations. A resignation has been received from Clive Phillips and a motion was raised both for Clive and for Brian Goldstraw thanking them for the service to the Rotary Club of Hall.

d. General Business. A number of issues were raised in General Business that will be of interest to the Club.

(1) Committee member matrix. We have sought to fulfill all 1st preferences indicated by Club members and have listed 2nd preferences as alternate and additional committees if members have the time to participate. As indicated, there were two additional members, Yvonne and Barbara who indicated a preference to become involved with the functioning of the CRFM. Directors will reach out to the committee members shortly. Thank you to Yvonne and Bernie for assisting with this.

(2) Key Events Matrix and TOR. A discussion topic for tonight’s Club Assembly. Key outcome tonight will be a call for nominations for the ‘Tiger Team’, noting we will be seeking a diversity of views, ideally a gender mix, and an objective, strategically minded approach. I am seeking the Club’s views on appointing an independent member onto the team.

(3) Visioning. I have asked Vicki to look at putting some time aside (IAW the Key Events Matrix) for us to consider a few visioning exercises over the next couple of months. This will allow us to tease out a few questions from the Pulse Survey.

(4) Pulse Survey. Tony Tucker ran through the data collated via the 1st pulse survey. He will send all of the raw data out to members for detailed consideration.

Secretary/President Elect: Cynthia

Nothing to report.

Treasurer: Liz

Also had nothing to report, save a reminder about dues (come on guys this is getting tedious - ED)

Club Service: Vicki

Vicki brought up the question of joint club meetings for discussion and Pres. Graeme reminded us of the upcoming joint meeting with Yass club in Murrembateman.

International: Yvonne

Nothing to report.

Community: John

He now has a committee and discussions can take place on a variety of proposals.

Youth & Vocational: Janine

Nothing to report.

CRFM: Clive B

No market report


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