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November 2021

Emerging From The Cold

As a club, we can be quietly proud of our achievements throughout the 2021 COVID Lockdown
Club Update

Well done. It has been a challenging period, but what a fabulous job you've done.

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I thought it was about time we added some updates to the website, so I spent yesterday looking back over our achievements during lockdown and cobbling a few articles together.

Our club has a reputation for punching above its weight and, wow, did you all live up to the hype! Below you'll see links to the 8 articles and 1,908 words I cobbled together. (Please email me with any omissions or corrections!)

Well done to all for your exemplary efforts over the last couple of months. Believe it or not, the stories I've put on the site only offer a glimpse into the club's activity. Other projects have included the new MOU with Bernardo's, an update on our GO Foundation scholarships, the Rheumatic Heart Disease in aboriginal children project, UC Scholarships, the joint school garden project with Belconnen et al and more. (Hopefully, these stories may go up in November!)


5:30pm 11 November, Rememberance Day at the Hall Cenotaph.

On the 16th, we will hear from Scott Saddler speaking about the Forest Gazebo Initiative.

30 November - The AGM. (Presidents Elect Paul and Rob will be after nominations for office bearers for the 2022-23 year, so please try not to knock them over as you rush to vonunteer!)

Best wishes,
president chris edwards
Chris Edwards
President 2021-2022
Like to discuss anything?
If past experience tells us anything, making a difference is not always smooth sailing. But let's remember to have fun riding those waves. 😃

COVID Lockdown Challenges

The 2021 COVID Lockdown health regulations created many hurdles, but the club’s Capital Region Farmers’ Market management team faced them all with a positive attitude. The market gave farmers a place to sell fresh produce and simultaneously give Canberrans a genuine market where they could be assured of buying fresh food directly from the family who grew it. After 17 …
Masked shopper at Capital Region Farmers’ Market

Sensory Walk in Hall

Installing instruments in the park
Each school day, hundreds of children transit through Hall Village, congregating in the park as they wait for their bus or a parent. An upgrade of the playground facilities has been actively sought by community members for many years. This year the Rotary Club of Hall funded the purchase of a range of sculptural musical instruments that will provide hours …

Lockdown 2021 Food Relief

The Delta strain of COVID-19 hit Canberra in August and the ACT health sent the territory into lockdown on 13 August 2021. This meant that everyone needed to stay home, initially for two weeks, and get tested if they felt like they had any of the symptoms. This situation, coupled with financial difficulties, left a growing number in the community …
jonathan and mainul

Mobile Kitchen for Canberra PCYC

Mobile Kitchen for Canberra PCYC
During the ACT Lockdown, four Rotary Clubs joined forces to fund the purchase of a new catering van for the Canberra PCYC. The Canberra PCYC project aims to increase the capacity of their mobile training cafe and catering course in which they give young people skills to complete a Certificate in Hospitality. A collaboration between the Rotary Clubs of Aurora …

Continued Support for the Rotary Foundation

During the 2021 ACT Lockdown, the Rotary Club of Hall decided to make a $5,000 donation toward the Rotary Foundation in support of Rotary's global projects. This money is used for matching grants that help enable Rotary projects around the world such as improving health, providing quality education, improving the environment, and alleviating poverty. In 1917, Rotary International President Arch …
Rotary Foundation Drinking

A New School for Timor Leste

Old School in Timor Leste
Coitapa is a small rural village a little under two hours drive from Dili toward the Indonesian border and around 15 minutes inland. The Timor-Leste Ministry of Education has identified Coitapa as being the highest priority for assistance, however, it does not have the resources to do the work needed to improve school facilities in the foreseeable future. Pictured top: …

One Child Dies Every Two Minutes From Malaria

In 2018, there were 228 million malaria cases with 405,000 deaths – 67% of the deaths were in children under 5. Malaria is one of the world’s deadliest diseases. It is a disease of poverty and affects the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people. In the 1990s, Rotarians Against Malaria (RAM) was established as an Australian initiative to fight malaria. …
Malaria Mosquito net delivery

Environmental Action Group

Environment Focus
The Rotary Club of Hall’s Environment team held its inaugural meeting on 8 August 2021 with eight of the nine members in attendance, together with a guest speaker, Julie Armstrong, from ACTforBEES. We agreed that the committee will focus on biodiversity issues and in particular flora and pollinating insects and birds rather than climate change, built form, water and air …
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